Saturday, July 23, 2005

Strip Clubs, Politics, & Bullsh#t...

Hey, folks. This is a piece that I originally posted on my Myspace page back in May of this year. Since you have to be a member of to use it, I decided to repost it here for the general blog public who may not have or use Many of my posts are subjects that I've talked about on my TV show, "MY OPINION... by: Ken B.", on Cable 8 (public access in Greensboro, NC). I changed it around, added some new stuff, and edited portions of it for public consumption, but the gist of the post is intact.

Check it out.

The "adult" business in NC is a trip! Nowhere else do u have an abundance of "adult-oriented" businesses w/ a large and loyal customer base in a so-called "Bible Belt State." The hypocrisy about the "community's" attitude towards this type of business really p!sses me off. On one hand, you have self-righteous people trying to close this type of business down. On the other hand, you have a large segment of the populace as customers who visit OFTEN!!

Then you have The Greensboro City Council, who have been trying to severely restrict and/or close down this type of business and others like it for almost 6 years now. Even they had to acknowledge in Feb. 2004 that there weren't enough places to put these businesses if you try to zone them out of existence. They had to add more places to put them. Don't Eradicate, Legislate!! As long as nobody's breaking any rules, regulations, and/or laws, LEAVE THEM THE F#CK ALONE!! I guess it's alright to kill people at will, but shaking your ass in a strip club or looking @ a porn flick is EVIL & IMMORAL?!


Just make sure that they're not breaking any of the present laws on the books. I mean, the massage parlors were one thing. They were fronts for Human Trafficking and "sex slaves." They needed to be shut down, even though it 20 years.

But what do you think would happen if you just shut down ALL of the strip clubs in the city? You would have unlicensed liquor (always frowned upon in NC), gambling, another so-called "evil" (but slavery in NC was OK? By the way BINGO is gambling, just in case any church people are reading this), and underage dancing as well as prostitution, the very thing people say they don't want.

As far as adult bookstores go, as long as they get rid of their backroom video booths, or "peep shows," they're still under the old law and can operate freely (We'll see how this goes. The "peep shows" are a HUGE money-maker for adult bookstores.). That's the one thing that I agree with. I used to work at an adult bookstore years ago, and the "peep shows" were, how shall I say it, FILTHY!! (To say that they were filthy is like saying that Michael Jackson is only "a little fond of" small boys.) I HATED having to clean those things! If I wanted to see that much DNA from total strangers I would have worked at a sperm bank!

Well, like I said: Don't Eradicate, Legislate!! I'm all for responsible adult entertainment and I don't think that some prude should tell me what I can watch or spend my money on. And when I mean "responsible," I don't mean kiddie porn, beastialiy, or any porn that degrades women, though some people feel that ALL porn degrades women (I don't.). That's the main reason I don't look at alot of gonzo porn now adays. Too many "extreme" sex acts going on and , "B!tch this and that."

Keep it legal and keep in entertaining!

End of rant, for now...


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