Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hurray for the Good Guys!!

Reinstated and back on duty.

Lt. James "Herc" Hinson is back on the job and cleared of ALL of the unfounded charges against him.
It's nice when the Good Guys win for a change. Things HAVE changed since The KKK Massacre back in '79. And alittle stayed the same...

Do you think that all of this would have came about if it didn't?

Here's some news about it:


Cleared officer, lawyer hold news conference

Staff Reports


To listen to Wednesday's statement read by Lt. James Hinson, click here (1:05).To listen to the statement read by Hinson's attorney, Joe Williams, click here (2:23).

Lt. James Hinson and his attorney Joe Williams addressed the media Wednesday with written statements read in front of the entrance to the Greensboro Police Department on Washington Street.

Neither man took questions afterward. Hinson was welcomed back from a seven-month suspension by more than a dozen police officers who hugged him and shook hands as he stepped from the main entrance to the building.

Hinson, who comes back from administrative leave today, will return to uniform Thursday as the executive officer who oversees patrol operations in the eastern region of the city.

Pick up Thursday's News & Record for more information on this story.


"Davey-Boy" pissed so many people off that even the White cops were mad as Hell at him!



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