Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The "Infamous" 'Read a Book' Video: Interesting...

A friend told me about this video that played on BET recently. I almost didn't believe that BET would show such a vid, so I looked it up on Youtube. Here's the original link.

Check it out below...

Not bad.

I see what the rapper was trying to do. If you read the comments on it, it shows the racists coming out as well as some Blacks that are offended by the vid.

I'm not offened by it at all.

I wonder though, will the youngbloods out there rap along with this song's lyrics ("Read a Book!" and "Buy some Land!" and "F*ck Rims!") amongst themselves like they do with the ones that say, "Kill a nigga!" and "Smack a Ho!"?

One can only hope...


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