Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Slave Catcher...

Here's an article that's on The Field Negro's blog on that idiot I talked about before.

Check it out.


I love blogging for quite a few reasons. It allows me to vent and share my personal views with like minded people, and even people who disagree with me. It allows me to meet and interact with all types of new and interesting people, who I would not have otherwise had the pleasure of ever knowing or hearing from. And most of all, it allows me to stay on top of things thanks to the people who read my site, comment, and exchange their ideas and their thoughts with me and with each other.

Well, tonight I was especially proud of my field family, because they hipped me to something (or someone) I might not have heard about were it not for them.

Here is the deal: Today at a McCain Palin rally, it appears that a gentleman of color, stood up and begged Mr. Morton to go after his O ness. Please please please he begged, don't let them get away with this,or something like that. Here is the You Tube link. (Please read this post before you go to the link, because after you watch it you will be sick to your stomach, and you won't be able to come back to the site) Now, you all know that I have my regular house and field Negroes, and I like to honor the lawn jockeys among us from time to time, but, believe it or not, I don't like to just label fellow Negroes without knowing a little about them or their history.

But this latest brotha....this sick self hating demented brotha, really has me wondering. He has taken this shit to a whole new level. This is beyond house Negro behavior, this shit is slave catching, plain and simple. You see a house Negro simply stayed in the house with massa, and he liked the house and everything in it. He would do everything to stay in the house, and would protect the house at all cost because he had a stake in it. It was where he lived, and it was where he found comfort. He would never speak against massa like the field Negroes, because he didn't want to risk losing all of that. But, even worse than the house Negro, was the slave catcher. This was the Negro who searched hardest to find us when we ran away. It was the slave catcher who the master would give the whip to tear into us when we stepped out of line. It was the slave catcher who ran right behind the blood hounds and in front of the master, when he thought one of us was hiding in the woods. It was the slave catcher who always did the master's most barbarous and sadistic deeds, when even the master would not do them himself. The slave catcher hated us even more than then master did, and even though he was one of us. Who knows why? Maybe some sick demented shit in his past, maybe some psychological sickness that prevented him from wanting to be a part of something he has no control over. Or, a sick desire to be accepted by only those who didn't look like he does.

This brotha (I wish I knew his name), is a slave catcher. Not a house Negro, not a Tom, not an Oreo; none of that. That would be too simplistic and trivial. No, this shit was much deeper than that. This brotha was wallowing in self hatred. The more those kla....I mean republicans cheered around him, the wetter his pants got. And when Mr. Morton hugged him, I actually thought I saw the guy close his eyes, as if he had just experienced one incredible orgasm. I don't know, maybe he did. (Gee I guess it's true what they say about you black guys, they didn't have anything like this at the Hanoi Hilton....let me stop) And did you see the look on the faces of those people? It's as if that one black guy had given them their penance for all of their vile racist thoughts and actions.

Thank you slave catcher, thank you. If you are one of them and you hate them, why can't we?

If someone gets this brothas *name could you please pass it on to me? I have a bet with Mrs. Field that he is a struggling actor and just wanted to get his 15 minutes by any means necessary. Honestly, if it's just a hustle, and Mr. Morton's camp paid the guy, I would respect him more. At least he would have gotten paid for selling out like some of the other race pimps in modern day A-merry-ca. But somehow I doubt it. The slave catcher doesn't need pay. Just catching those runaway slaves is payment enough.


You're right on the money, Field.


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