Friday, April 17, 2009

"Tea Parties" Downtown and around America...

I gotta say something about these so-called "tea party" protests that have been taking place lately:

Where were these people when Bush was f**king up the country?

Where were these people when Bush's buddies failed to give the troops the necessary equipment (not to mention NO ARMOR FOR PROTECTION) to protect themselves?

Where were these people every other April 15th when Bush was in office?

If these people were really so concerned about taxes, then why did many of them hold signs like "Obama bin Laden" and other not-so-nice names for out president?

Let me explain something: President Obama hasn't been in office 100 days yet and people are talking trash about him. Bush's first 100 days were spent on his ranch in Crawford, TX while President Obama is stuck with the mess that Bush and his cronies made.

The only reason for these so-called 'Tea Parties" are that there are PLENTY of people who are MAD AS HELL that a Black man is the president!


I guess people forget the fact that he's also half-white and that President Obama came out of the womb of a White women just like the vast majority of protesters who were in Downtown Greensboro!

Do any of the protesters even know why there was a "Boston Tea Party?"

I doubt it.

The President is Black (or Half-Black, depending on how you look at it.)...



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