Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It's been a loooooooong time, my friends...

I haven't posted on my blog in YEARS!!
With Facebook and such, I almost forgot about it. Well, here goes...

Before I addressed the situation of immigration and/or detention, I had to give it some thought.
Here goes:
Many people have been focusing on the illegality of the immigrants concerned and their law-breaking. Should you enter this country w/o the "proper procedure?" No, you shouldn't. But there is no way in HELL that I'm gonna lose and/or forget my humanity and not show sympathy and outrage on how these kids are being treated. They announced last night that there will be "tender care" centers for the babies being torn from their parents. Sounds like Orwellian speak and "double-speak" to me. Will it be "tender" and will anyone "care?" I'm seeing kids in CAGES and that is straight-up BULLSHIT! Some of these kids have been kept away from their parents for MONTHS. Imagine if that was YOU. I did, and I didn't like the way it made me feel. TRAUMATIZED is a word I would use to describe what these kids must be going through. The sins of the parents SHOULD NOT be visited upon the children.
Also, there is a difference between "crossing the border" in order for a better life (which is illegal, no doubt) and robbing a bank, assault, gang-bangin', selling meth, heroin, and coke, and doing them as well. When you do those things, you KNOW that you're doing something wrong and quite frankly, know you FUCKED UP! Coming here illegally (while still wrong) to work in jobs that the majority of US citizens DON'T TAKE because those jobs don't pay enough and have ZERO BENEFITS DOES NOT equate to those crimes that I mentioned. You also might want to place blame on the business people and companies that HIRE those self-same illegals (that'll be the day, I guess). And if you had kids and committed those crimes I listed, those kids WOULD NOT BE LOCKED UP IN CAGES! Social Services would come in and try to find a proper home for those kids. That is, if you already didn't ask your mom, or dad, or sister, or grandma, to take care of your kids while you're in jail/prison paying your "debt to society."
Now, have there been deportations under other presidents? Of course, there have. Whether it was Reagan, George Bush, The 1st., Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton, Bush, Jr., and even under Barry Obama. But Trump "The Chump" has taken this to the next 10 LEVELS, AT LEAST! And he and his corrupt administration are REVELING in this! Placing blame on OTHERS even though Trump and The Republicans control BOTH The House AND The Senate. There's even talk that Trump will stop what he's doing IF he gets his damn Wall funded. But I though you said it wasn't your fault, Donny? If this is true, it's truly DEPLORABLE. And if you wanna talk about "breaking the law." you might wanna look at his administration and the people that have ALREADY PLEAD GUILTY and the ones COOPERATING with The Mueller Investigation, and how his "boy" Paul Manafort was just sent BACK TO JAIL because he was screwing around with the witnesses. Also keep in mind that MLK was a "LAW-BREAKER". So was Rosa Parks and many others, fighting for WHAT'S RIGHT!! And they weren't colluding with Russia trying to take down our political system, even though they were accused of working with Communist Russia, back in the day.
There has been ALOT of talk in The Black Community and how we should respond to this. Talk has been divided, to say the least. Many say, "Why should we care? They didn't give a DAMN about us when WE are being MURDERED in cold blood walking down the street, or at a traffic stop? Or having the cops called on us for BBQing in the park, swimming in a community pool, or just EXISTING!" I sympathize with this. I see these Mexican children being torn from their parents and I'm angered. But I was also pissed of at the deaths of kids like Tamir Rice (Killed While Black and playing ALONE in a park with a TOY GUN) and of course, Trayvon Martin, MURDERED WHILE BLACK by that scumbag George Zimmerman while holding some Skittles and some Iced Tea. I "lost" alot of FB "friends" over my comments over Trayvon (and didn't give a fuck, either), but that's OK. After all, I was born an American Citizen and my family has been here for GENERATIONS, even when this country didn't consider my family or my people AS American citizens. I LOVE this crazy-ass country ( and I CRITICIZE IT and bitch about it when it is fucking up), but we can do waaaaay better than this. This has probably been the LONGEST POST I EVER have posted so I hope it didn't take too much time out of your hands.

Discuss if thou will...


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