Monday, December 12, 2005

Tookie Williams...

I'm sure you've heard all of the noise involving Stanley "Tookie" Williams and whether he should be granted a clemency from the Death Penalty and live out the rest of his life in prison. Alot of people have been asking me what do I think of the whole situation. I can sum it up in two words:

Oh, well...

Now some people may say, "Damn Ken, that's f*cked up!"


What's "F*cked Up" is that he murdered people.

End of story.

Even if he didn't co-found The Crips or any of the other stuff that people don't even know about, he should pay for his crimes. I understand that he wants to live, but so did the people he murdered execution-style.

My question is: With all of the legitimate cases of wrongful prosection and people dying for stuff they truly didn't do, how come the celebs that are trying to keep Tookie alive won't deal with that?

It's too late anyway, the courts have decided to go along with the execution by lethal injection.

That's a more peaceful way of dying than his victims.

Here are some links to "The Tookie Drama.":

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If Tookie is truly "Right with God," then he will know for sure when he meets GOD IN PERSON early Tuesday morning...


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