Wednesday, May 31, 2006

To the Rappers: STOP HATIN' ON OPRAH!!

Can someone explain to me why 50 Cent & Ice Cube are hatin' on Oprah?

50 Cent is mad at O because she doesn't put "Hip-Hop Artists" (I remember when they were RAPPERS!) on her show. (I guess he forgot that Kanye West, LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, and Sean Combs (Diddy) were on her show.)


Let me ask a question:

If you were a woman (regarless of ethnicity) and you had some musicians refer to women as "bitches" and "hoes" in their music, would YOU have them on your talk show?

That's like me having Klansmen on MY TV show!


50 is always trying to start some sh*t with somebody. He even said that, "I'm actually better off having friction with her."

That's an actual quote.

He also said that her main audience were mainly "older White women," which is true BUT... HIS main audience are the children of those self same older, White women!

Over 80% of Hip-Hop is bought by YOUNG WHITE KIDS!

So is 50 Cent "less Black" as he accused Oprah of being, beause HIS main audience is WHITE?

Then there's Ice Cube, the "Surpreme Hater" himself.

This is the guy that talked so much junk about MC Hammer when he was on top, that he mades songs and videos about him. Now he's hatin' on Oprah, too.

Hey dude, maybe she just didn't like the projects you were invoved in! And you have called women "bitch" and "ho" in your music plenty of times as well.

Now Ludacris is a different matter.

He was on the show (I guess Fiddy forgot about that, too.), but felt O "ambushed" him.
If that was the case, then O was wrong for that, HOWEVER...

As much as I like Luda's music, when you rap about all of the "hoes" in all "Area codes," you should have expected she would say something about that.

I gotta be honest, though.

When Oprah said that she had 50 Cent and Jay-Z on her IPod, I thought that she was just saying that because of the controversy.

You know what's REALLY funny, as in "ironic?"

Alot of rappers talk about being the "Ghetto" Bill Gates (Who probably doesn't know or care what a "ghetto" is.) and admiring Donald Trump (Who I KNOW doesn't give a damn about Black folks and the "ghetto.") who could care less about Hip-Hop (The only reason "The Donald" was on Method Man's CD awhile back was because is daugther Ivanka asked him to.), but hate on a sista like Oprah (Who has more money than ANY rapper will EVER make.).

That's f*cked up!!

You go, Oprah!!



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