Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Thoughts, Pt. 2...


With all of the crap that's happening with City Hall, the GPD, city-sponsored corporate welfare (I'm referring to the privately-funded Center City Park which will cost taxpayers $400,000.00 A YEAR to maintain.), and allowing TRUE racist to sell grenade launchers (for those pesky deer) and sell Hitler busts and ban cameras during "The Gun & Knife Show" at the Greensboro Coliseum, why are people sooooo concerned with Blacks helping out other Blacks?

To those people I add this..


Also, let's not forget that this day is for "the workin' man" (Which I'm a part of.) so he/she can relax and chill with his/her family and/or friends.

My question is this:

Why is it cool for Latinos to march in Greensboro and to "stay out of work for a day" to show their contribution to America and for The Jewish Community in Greensboro to support their own, but bad and racist when Black folk are trying to do the SAME DAMN THING???!



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