Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The City Council vs. SOBs: Here we go again...

Sexually Oriented Businesses are now called SOBs...

Nice, huh?

I'm sure that The City Council wanted a double-meaning for that (It doesn't take a genius to figure out what the other SOB means.).

The Federal Court has already said that the rules only apply to new businesses, but The Council wants to waste time going through this all over again.

Here are the actual documents from The City Council's second go-round below:

The original documents and entire minutes of the recent council meeting are here.

Pg. 44 of report

Pg. 45 of report

Pg. 46 of report

Pg. 47 of report

Pg. 48 of report

All The City Council has to do is let the law stand for any new adult businesses that open up.

As The Troublemaker Ben Holder himself said, the city lost it the first time, and they'll lose the appeal.
I tell you what City Council, instead on trying to destroy exisiting, tax-paying businesses, why don't you explain to Greensboro residents again why we are going to spend over $400,000.00 on a PRIVATE PARK that we, the residents, can get kicked out of?


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