Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sometimes I think I'm living in "The Twilight Zone"

Sometimes I think I'm living in "The Twilight Zone":

1) A teenager is murdered for walking & is made to be the guilty one when the true guilty one gets off.

2) A woman who fires a warning shot to scare off the abusive husband who was beating her a$$ gets 20 years when NO ONE WAS HURT.

3) The government bails out banks & corporations who use the money to hoard for themselves but the working person & small business get NOTHING & goes broke.

4) There are inexpensive & PROVEN methods to cure cancer but Big Pharma does everything in its power to stop it & to actually make it illegal.

5) To say if you eat right is the key for great health, then The FDA comes down on you & attempt to nail you for saying something that's TRUE.

6) GMO's are "good for you" but if you take vitamin supplements to compensate for the lack of vitamins in GMOs you get into trouble. And some politicians are trying to make supplements ILLEGAL.

7) If you plant your own vegetables and raise your own food you're a "freakazoid" for saying that GMOs aren't go for you.

8) Ants & animals won't touch GMOs but they feed it to us & get mad when we ask that we need labeling for them.

9) Bees are dying & people don't know how important they are for pollinating our food.

10) One company that "makes" many of our foods (Monsanto) actually created Agent Orange & many other poisons & we have nothing to say on this.

11) Federal agents bust down the doors to dairy companies selling raw milk as if they were selling raw cocaine. WTF?

12) Poor folks are made to be the "bad guys" in this economy & its "their fault" that they're poor. Sometimes s&%t happens...

13) My "Free Speech Zone" is the entire area of The United States up to & including its territories, not some blocked-off area in a protest &/or rally. 1st Amendment Rights, baby!

14) I'm for SMART & RESPONSIBLE gun control, but total confiscation & no guns at all? Hell, no! Guns aren't for hunting, there for when liberty breaks down & you need to protect yourself. 2nd Amendment, baby!

15) Prescription drug are "good" but Cannabis is "bad & evil?" Cannabis (particularity hemp) has so many uses that I won't list them here (and I don't mean for smoking a joint, either). Ever watch a prescription drug commercial & see how long it takes to tell you how the drug may HARM YOU instead of HELP YOU? 'Nuff said.

16) If being honest & working hard is supposed to make up rich over time, then how come America isn't overrun with millionaires & billionaires?

17) Why do I have to say that "I'm not Black or I'm not White, I'm just human?" That's obvious! Be proud of who you are, be it Black/African, Italian, Irish, Russian, Polish, Indian (Native American &/or Hindu), Mexican, Brazilian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Burmese, Arab, Eastside, Southside, Westside, Northside, Uptown, Downtown, well to know what I'm getting at...

18) Where is the compassion in this country from people who SAY they're "Christians?" WWJD...

19) What happened to FREEDOM in the USA? Did we really have it in the first place?

20) Why are people who use common sense are looked down upon by political extremists? Yeah, I'm talking about those idiots on political talk shows on BOTH sides!

21) Why in Hell are prisons becoming a for-profit industry? And why is the "most free" country on Earth (USA) lock up more people than anyone on Earth? Or did I answer my own question?

22) We pay for wars (I'm not saying you can't defend yourself) but we don't fund education & healthcare. For basic healthcare (you're gonna have to pay out money for major operations & such), all Pres. Obama had to do was drop the age requirement for Medicare/Medicaid from 65 to the day that you were born, Ta-Daaaa! Basic Healthcare for everyone!

23) Why is money that I pay into every week considered an "entitlement" & that's "bad?" Of course I'm entitled, it's MY MONEY!

24) Detroit goes bankrupt? Really? I have two words for what's gonna happen to Detroit: Gentrification. Privatization.

25) Whatever happened to "Love Thy Neighbor?"

If this is "The Twilight Zone" I'd like to go home now...


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