Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Baseball & Steroids...

I know that this might sound weird, but I really don't care about the so-called "Steroid Scandal" in baseball.


Because when you expect players to perform beyond normal human limitations and then GET those superhuman results from them, people have the nerve to get mad because they're using drugs to enhance their performance. Is it messed up that many players are taking 'roids, which can be dangerous to the human body? Yeah, or course it is. Is it messed up that "All-American Boy" Marc McGuire took 'roids to make his new record? Yep.

But here's my thing...

Don't just go after the players, also go after the ENABLERS WHO ALLOW IT! If you don't go after them, then how can you go after the players? Human Beings have their physical limits, so every time you expect a player to break a record, play longer, play harder, what do you expect him to do? Working out can only help you so much when everybody expects you to have a big "S" on your chest and a red cape.


People have said that the 'roid-using players have disgraced and ruined the "national pastime" by "cheating" the fans, but that's bullsh#t. You wanna know what REALLY ruined baseball in particular and pro sports in general?


All of those multi-million dollar salaries and billion dollar owners have screwed up pro sports. Much like when someone gets mad at a college player for taking money, then slaps him on the back and kiss his ass for getting a $10,000,000.00 signing bonus when he finally goes pro. But no one is gonna talk about that.

Talk about mixed messages...


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