Monday, August 01, 2005

The KKK & The Communists in Greensboro...

I have alittle something to say about what's going on w/ the T & R Committee and what happened back in Nov. 1979.


And don't give me this crap about "freedom of speech" or "southern heritage." What they did back in '79 (and other stuff as well) on LIVE TV NO LESS is a travesty and a blight on the rep of G'boro.

But then again, G'boro IS the place where the modern "Sit-In" Movement started because some ignorant people (both White AND Black) thought it was OK for Blacks to COOK the food @ Woolworth, but not to EAT it in the same place. Right in the heart of Downtown G'boro on Elm St.

Secondly, the communists haven't done a DAMN THING for Black folks, EVER!! As the Late Dr. John Henrik Clarke once said, "The wanted Blacks to trade one oppressive system for another."

Sorry y'all, I like making that money too much (Not more than I love God, of course!) to be down w/ a hypocritical system that wanted to put Blacks under their thumb. Why didn't The WVO have that march in a WHITE neighborhood since most of them WERE White? Why come to the projects? And if you're chanting "Kill the Klan!", you best be ready TO REPRESENT! That's why The KKK will never start the so-called "race war." Black folks of today aren't gonna take that sh#t. (The best time to have started the "race war" would have been right after the "Civil" War. Oh well...)

You wanna see what communism does, check out Russia (the new Mafiacracy), Cuba, and China. Even China is trying to "make that dolo" now. (And the mega-corporation are salivating to get in China as well. 1 billion potential customers and a source of cheap labor causing Americans to use their jobs.)

Should have members of The KKK gone to prison for what they did back in '79?


Should The WVO and Rev. Nelson Johnson started something that they weren't prepared to finish? NO! (I heard from "Old School" Black folks who were here then that Rev. Johnson ducked and ran instead of fighting and standing his ground during that time.)

What do The T&R Committee want? Recognition? Well, I recognize you and I feel your pain. People shouldn't have been murdered that day. But, if you wanna start a war w/ a domestic terrorist organization, you better be ready to go to war FOR REAL!

As for all of those racists that did those cross-burnings in Durham earlier this year, telling so-called "gangbangers" to "watch their back," I give you the same advice:

"Don't start a war you're not prepared to fight."

The one thing that would unite Black folks would be for y'all to do that type sh#t! YOU WILL LOSE!!

I know that you wanna go after ALL Black folks, but YOU DON'T WANNA GO THERE, BELIEVE ME!! You wanna know why?


Sermon over, for now...


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