Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina: WHOA!!

Man, oh man, OH MAN!!!

I must admit some ignorance to this development. I heard on the news a couple of days ago that Katrina was downgraded to a "tropical storm" after it hit Florida, and that the major damage was over with.

Boy, was I misinformed!

Hurricane Katrina hit w/ a wrath second only to God (Now you know why extreme weather patterns are called "Acts of God."). It was also one of the most powerful hurricanes to form and reach landfall, a "Category 5," I believe. You can go to this link to find out about the different categories of hurricanes:

Not only was New Orleans, LA was affected (The city of N.O. is actually BELOW Sea Level. That's why they have levies, which were destroyed by the hurricane.), but almost ALL of the "Gulf States," including Mississippi (which was affected almost as bad as Louisana) and Alabama.

People don't have power (Keep in mind that it's still Summer-time.), either don't have water or can't use it (Which means that no one can drink H2O or use the toliets. In this hot weather.), lost their homes (rich or poor, Black or white), worrying about snakes and alligators in the putrid water (That's no joke, either), and are seeing dead bodies floating by (literally) as they try to stay alive.

Gasolines prices are also affected (I'll talk about that in a different post.), the damage to property is incalcuable, and panic is starting to reign supreme.

There's not too much to say about Katrina itself, except to pray for everyone that has been put out and died because of this horrifying event.



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