Monday, December 12, 2005

More "Tookie News"...

Here's some more info on Stanley "Tookie" Williams, the dude who will be executed for murdering three people way back in '81.

A question: How come nobody has mentioned the murder victims? Does anyone know their names?

I do.

Their names are:
Albert Owens, 26
Yen-I Yang, 76
His wife, Tsai-Shai Yang, 63
And their daughter (Who was visiting.), Yee-Chen Lin, 43

How come nobody's talking about them?

Read on for more info on this murderer, courtesy of The Associated Press:

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Stanley "Tookie" Williams: Last chance for clemency

The man California is scheduled to execute on Tuesday - Stanley "Tookie" Williams - is a convicted murderer. A co-founder of the notorious Crips gang who has since become an influential voice against gang violence and a noted author of children's books.
His supporters are pleading to stop the execution; his critics say it should take place as scheduled. Today, the governor - who has the power to halt the execution - meets with both sides to consider their requests.

Q. Who is Tookie Williams?
A. Stanley "Tookie" Williams was born in New Orleans in 1953 to a 17-year-old mother and a father who walked out before his first birthday, according to his memoir, "Blue Rage, Black Redemption." He and his mother rode a Greyhound bus to Los Angeles when he was 6 years old, and soon he became a regular at Central Juvenile Hall.
He co-founded the notorious Crips gang in 1971, when he and Raymond Washington, a high school friend, formed a gang they called the Cribs. Drunken members mispronounced it as "Crips," and the misnomer stuck.
At the time, Williams was a thug who fed a growing drug problem with PCP-soaked cigarettes, toted a 12-gauge shotgun and lifted weights to build enormous biceps. The neighborhood gang he helped form ultimately grew into a nationwide, drug-dealing criminal organization responsible for thousands of deaths.

Q. Why is he on death row?
A. In 1981, he was convicted of murdering four people in two 1979 cases.
About 4 a.m. Feb. 28, 1979, Williams and three friends got high and took two cars, a 12-gauge shotgun and a .22-caliber handgun to Pomona in search of a place to rob, according to court documents. They ended up at a 7-Eleven, where Albert Owens, 26, was working the overnight shift, sweeping the parking lot.
Owens said, "Take everything you want," says now-retired prosecutor, Robert Martin.
Williams ordered Owens into a back room at gunpoint, shot out a security monitor, then ordered, "Get down on your knees, (expletive)" and shot him twice in the back, according to testimony. Williams "later laughed about it as he was eating his hamburger," Martin says.
There were no witnesses other than accomplices.
On March 11, Williams used his brawn to break down the door at the Brookhaven Motel in Los Angeles, according to a prosecutor.
Killed were Taiwanese immigrants Yen-I Yang, 76; his wife, Tsai-Shai Yang, 63, and their visiting daughter, Yee-Chen Lin, 43.
Three of Williams' friends testified that he confessed to them. A ballistics expert linked a shotgun shell at the motel to Williams' gun.

Q. Has Williams apologized for the crimes?
A. No, because he says he is innocent. He has appealed his conviction without success.

Q. Why has the Williams case garnered so much attention?
A. One word: Redemption. Very public redemption.
When Williams arrived at San Quentin's death row on April 20, 1981, he continued his trouble-making ways. But as he began to educate himself and reflect on his life, he grew determined to change.
First and most importantly, he says, he developed a conscience. He read everything he could get his hands on - the Bible, the dictionary, a thesaurus. He studied languages, theology, philosophy. He struggled to understand his past.
Now, he says he has redeemed himself through a dozen years of good deeds: writing books encouraging kids to stay out of gangs; making speeches by phone to church, school and community groups about avoiding gangster life; creating a "peace protocol" that brought a truce between rival gangs in New Jersey.

Q. Who's arguing that his life should be spared?
A. Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu; actor Jamie Foxx, who played Williams in "Redemption," a 2004 movie about the inmate's life; rapper Snoop Dogg; and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, among others. His lawyers have petitions with 32,000 signatures on them.

Q. Is everyone convinced Williams has redeemed himself?
A. No, plenty remain skeptical. Crime victims and prison officials say he's a self-serving charlatan who won't take responsibility for his crimes and rejects the opportunity to help authorities put away other gang members. Prison officials said recently that they believe Williams is still involved in the gang, calling shots from the prison, though they acknowledged they don't have hard evidence.

Q. Who has the power to stop his execution?
A. The courts or Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Williams' attorneys have requested clemency, and the governor will meet today with them, as well as with Los Angeles prosecutors. The governor's office expects him to reach a decision between Friday and Monday. Schwarzenegger has already denied two clemency requests during his term.

Q:What is the alternative to execution?
A: Williams' lawyers have asked the governor to "commute" or reduce the sentence to a less severe one in which Williams serves the rest of his life in prison without the chance of parole.

Q. Barring such intervention, when will Williams die?
A. Just after midnight Tuesday, by lethal injection.


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Blogger A Christian Prophet said...

The Holy Spirit's message on The Christian Prophet blog today says that as long as Tookie lives on earth he pays the price for his mistakes, but when no longer living on earth he is totally forgiven and free.

Monday, December 12, 2005 4:50:00 PM  
Blogger Ken B. said...

I disagree. We are all judged by GOD when we pass into the next level of being. If's he's truly forgiven, then Tookie and God are talking about that right now.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 3:52:00 AM  

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