Monday, February 13, 2006

Coretta Scott King: R.I.P.

Coretta Scott King

4/27/27 - 1/30/06

Sorry that I'm posting this late, but I've been going threw some thangs, lately.

Man and Wife

MLK & CSK in happier times...

This lady went threw some real stuff because of her and her late hubby's views and beliefs. But she always kept her dignity throughout the whole of her life.

The Famous Funeral Photo

CSK with her daughter, Bernice.

The one thing about her funeral I didn't like was that some people who spoke put their political views into the eulogy, like The Rev. Joseph Lowery.
That wasn't right.

Mrs. King's funeral should be about her AND NOT ABOUT POLITICS.

Rest In Peace, Mrs. King.
I know that you and him are together again in Heaven.

BTW, tell my Aunt Eva up there her nephew, Ken, said "Hi."


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