Monday, March 06, 2006



There's been alot of talking and trashing going on lately in Greensboro.

I've been reading the flack on "The Wray Affair" in various local papers, including Yes Weekly.

A couple of weeks ago, a "Yes Weekly" writer by the name of Jordan Green wrote an article on the "White Takeover" of the Greensboro Police Department. From what I read the next week in their "Letters to the Editor" section, they received a TREMENDOUS amount of flack on the article.

I guess they got so much flack about it that they deleted it from their website. I can't find it.

One of the major beefs on the article concerned the website of a Sgt. Ramon Bell of The GPD. I guess Jordan said something about the site and many readers who wrote in took issue with it. Apparently, Ramon expressed his so-called "Southern Heritage" (i.e. Rebel Flag, Confederacy, etc...) and his family history on a section of his site.

I don't find this racist (It is his family's and many others history "Down South."), but I don't like his inaccurate (To say the least.) portrayal of slavery.

First of all, YES, there were SOME (Not all as Sgt. Bell likes to think.) African kings and chieftans that profited off The European Slave Trade.


was a different institution in Africa, back in the day (Not to say that it was a benign system. It wasn't. Slaves were taken as a "reward of war.").


It seems that people like Sgt. Bell ALWAYS bring up the fact that a few Africans, or as I like to call them, the earliest "Uncle Toms", participated in slavery.

This DOES NOT absolve the Whites who got into it!
Nor does it make it OK for slavery to florish in America for hundreds of years.

Those that think that are IGNORANT ASSH#LES!

And that's putting it nicely.

Keep up the writing, Jordan.

Let the haters hate and let the TRUTH find FREEDOM!

Rant over, for now...


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