Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Racism in Guilford County...

Now ALOT of people have been asking me why haven't I been more vocal on the subject of Racism in Guilford County or about The T&R Committee.

My answer?

"Haven't you been watching my show for the past FIVE YEARS?"

I've been talking about racism, not just here but EVERYWHERE in America. Watch the show sometime on Cable channel 8 in Guilford County, NC on Tuesday's @ 8:30 PM. As far The T&R Committee goes, I'm for the process, but I would have liked to have some convictions or someone losing their job or their money on the results. Also, I wouldn't have cared whether The Greensboro City Council was for it or not. We can always replace them with our vote.

Also, as far as I'm concerned, The KKK aren't just a bunch of White guys with their own opinion, they're a DOMESTIC TERRORISTS ORGANIZATION that's been allowed to exist in America because of racism!

Whether they were included or not doesn't bother me a bit. It does bother me when some people in Greensboro want to bend over backwards to see them included in the process.

Is anyone REALLY surprised that The GPD was partially responsible for the mess? Hell, The KKK didn't even know where Morningside Homes were until a few cops lead them there, according to some old timers that were around when it happened.


Would you include Osama bin Laden in the healing process over 911?

I thought not.

One more thing:

Alot of old timers in Greensboro aren't too fond of Nelson Johnson.


Because they say that he shouldn't have talked junk to The KKK w/o a gun in his hand.
You can't just say "Death to The Klan" unless you REALLY mean it, and not just to say it for effect.

As soon as I get a new camera, I'll start talking about ALOT of things...


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