Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Another rapper goes to jail...DAMN!

David Marvin Blake, better known as Cali rapper DJ Quik is going to jail for a few months.


Believe it or not, he pulled a gun at his own sister!

Talk about something being f*cked up!

How do you point a gun at your own sister?!

Here's a snipet of the entire article (courtesy of below:


DJ Quik sentenced to 5 months in prison

Rapper/producer DJ Quik has begun a five-month stint in jail for assaulting his sister. The rapper (born David Marvin Blake) surrendered in Fontana Superior Court last week to begin his sentence. The incident occurred in 2003 when Quik pulled a gun on his sister during a family argument, according to police reports. The rapper was ordered last year to spend 45 days in jail on weekends after pleading guilty to the assault, but never served his time, sources told

The avoidance resulted in a violation of Quik's probation, causing Judge Keith Davis to increase the rapper's jail time Thursday (June 22) to 150 consecutive days and ordering him to begin serving his time immediately. DJ Quik is currently enjoying success as a featured guest on the west coast remix to Chamillionaire's #1 hit, "Ridin' Dirty."

The rapper/producer also recently released Greatest Hits Live at the House of Blues, a 20-track set recorded live in February 2006.

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Damn, dawg...


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