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The Characteristics Of Picaninnies...

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Here's another informative article by Chance. I've been corresponding with him by email and he's an intelligent, humble dude. Go to his website and check out some of his other articles.

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The Characteristics Of Picaninnies
Published by Chance on Monday, August 28, 2006

Chance writes: The book titled The Birth of a Nation set the standard for cinematic anti-Black images. All of the major Black caricatures are in the movie, including, mammies, sambos, toms, picaninnies, coons, beasts, and tragic mulattos. The depictions of Lydia (black parent and one white parent therefore, making Lydia a mulatto) — a cold-hearted, hateful seductress — and Silas Lynch (mulatto) — a power hungry, sex-obsessed criminal — were early examples of the pathologies supposedly inherent in blacks.

The Characteristics Of Picaninnies
By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: Picaninnies as portrayed in material culture of America have skin coloring ranging from medium brown to dark black – light skinned picaninnies are very rare. Picaninnies come in all ages, they include infants (babies) and teenagers; however, most picaninnies appear to be 8 to 10 years old. Picaninnies are both boys and girls the girls often have their hair plaited in short plaits and the plaits point in all directions. And sometimes picaninny girls have matted hair; their hair is matted because it has not been comb in a long while. Picaninny boys often are bald (no hair) and their heads shine like metal. These picaninnies have often been portrayed as having big large-wide eyes with the white part being very white, very oversized red lips, real white teeth, medium brown or very dark black skin, and oversized mouths — the oversized mouths were to accommodate huge pieces of watermelon.

These picaninny black children were poorly dressed and un-kept physically — they wore torn ragged clothes and the clothes were oversized. Also, in some caricatures picaninny children are shown semi-nude. This nudity also was a suggestion that black parents do not love their children enough to teach them modesty. A parent who loves and cares about a child would never let that child go out into society half nude and with out decent clothing. This neglect implies that blacks are less civilized than whites. Whites are known to be civilized and wear clothes. The nudity presents another problem, and that is it sexualizes black children. When black children are viewed as sexualized at a young age it opens up the possibility — that black children are so irrelevant and animal like that it is ok and alright for adults to sexually abuse them. In some caricatures black children are shown totally nude with their genitalia and buttocks exposed – and often with no shame.

Often the buttocks are oversized.

Picaninny children were neglected and had to find their own food and fend for themselves. The picaninny caricature often show black children obsessed with eating chicken and watermelon. Chicken and watermelon are the favorite foods of the picaninnies.

Chance: Picaninnies were often viewed as animal like in behavior and therefore considered less civilized. Even in postcards during the early 20th century black picaninnies were dehumanized. Seriously, for example a 1907 postcard, showed a Black child on his knees looking at a pig. The caption read, “Whose Baby is OO?” Also, a 1930s bisque match holder showed a Black baby emerging from an egg while a rooster looked on. This implied that the rooster was the father of the black child, and implying that the black mother had sex with the rooster. This gave the impression that black women were so pathologically obsessed with sex that they would even have sex with a rooster to satisfy their sexual desires. Black children in the 19th centurty and early 20th century were often shown on post cards being attacked by dogs, pigs, chickens, cashed by alligators, and other animals.

We have come a long way in America in regards to racial relations America still has some lingering racial problems. But America is better than what it use to be. In the times of today it is black people themselves who are going around portraying blacks in a negative way. Blacks create cartoons that denigrate and humiliate blacks. These cartoons and other black television shows that always show blacks displaying negative pathological behaviors for the world to see are the modern day picaninnies. In the past it was whites who were showing cartoons and caricatures of blacks as being stupid, negative, and displaying pathological behaviors. But today it’s certain blacks who have picked up the humiliation of black America torch and proudly continue where certain white supremacists left off. This type of self destructive behavior has to cease and desist.

Chance: I’m Chance
By Chance Kelsey (Chancellor)
Written during the 21st century by Chance


I think this article goes great with my "Hip Hop Minstrel Show" article.

Do you belive that they STILL use this type for advertisments in Japan and parts of South America?

The more things change, the more they stay the same...


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