Friday, November 24, 2006

Racism & Ignorance: You know, I NEVER DID like Kramer or The Seinfeld Show...

Unless you just came back from Mars, you know Michael "Kramer" Richards had a, shall we say, "a minor slip of the tougue."

And yes, I'm being a smartass.

He "apologized" VIA sattelite on Letterman.

But so did Mel Gibson.

Here's some additional news about Kramer. courtesy of


This Wasn't the First Time Kramer Had a Racial Meltdown

by Davey D

By now all of us have heard about or seen the video of the crazed Michael 'Kramer' Richards spewing racial epithets at an LA comedy club. Its got everyone talking including the good folks over at the Luv4self listerve where someone poised the question as to why no one within LA's notorious gangs had not dealt with Kramer since they are so quick to deal with everyone else for seemingly lesser offenses. The question brought to mind something my sister had alerted me too regarding Richards. She told me that 1-This wasn't the first time he had a racial meltdown. The only thing is this time it got caught on tape. 2- In one memorable night some LA gangstas did step to him.

I'm not sure if this story has been put out there, but my sis used to work as a comedian at the Comedy Store and according to her Kramer was a frequent performer. Folks in LA may recall they used to have some sort of Monday night Black comedy night there and on this one evening Kramer came on stage and pulled the same nonsense. He respoonded to a heckler by calling the audience a 'bunch of niggers' and basically went off in a way that as similar to the other night. Mitzy the owner of the Comedy Store shut down his mic and tried to get him off stage as quickly as possible. However, it was too little too late. Some of the gang members in the audience decided they were gonna step to Richards and began to roll up on him. One cat reached into his jacket and was talked out of pulling his piece by another patron who told him it wasn't worth it. However some weren't trying to hear it and went outside to wait on Richards so thy could deal with him.Mitzy asked the security to escort Richards out the club but because of the waiting gang members they all refused to go anywhere near him. Eventually Richards was able to sneak out the club through another entrance.

Believe it or not it wasn't that long after this incident that got him hired by to play Kramer on Seinfeld.. My sis told me that she heard of one other 'Kramer-nigger meltdown' in addition to the one she actually witnessed. Her conclusion is dude has long been a racist and has long had a problem. The main problem is within comedy circles, it's pretty much like the music industry, where its very close knit and you have a lot of folks who are so desperate to get on, that they tolerate all sorts of abuse both from employers and fellow comics especially those who have made it or look like they are gonna make it. Also there's a thin line between being funny and using racial humor to make your point and losing it on stage and making things personal.

Kramers rant was way different then say somebody like an Andrew Dice Clay who may have gotten on stage and make racially charged jokes. Usually folks will stay in character and it will be obvious that they are making jokes even if they are harsh. Dude crossed the line in a big way and anyone defending him is simply trying to hedge their bets and win some ass kissing brownie points from industry gate keepers.

My biggest concern is over hearing the reaction from some hotel employees as I was checking out of my room in Seattle yesterday. One was Filipino, the other was Mexican and one was an older white woman. The Filipino woman said to her co workers as they were watching CNN 'I don't uinderstand why they're making such a big deal when Black people use the word all the time. She also went on to say she and her girls call each other nigga and its no big deal. Some of her girls are Black and they call her nigger so why is everyone upset', she asked The Mexican cat related the same sentiments by saying 'they are making way too big a deal out of this and people need to stop being sensitive'. The white woman asked how come nobody says anything about all the rappers who use the N word. As they showed the roundtable of leaders, she asked where are all these leaders when these foul mouth rappers keep using the N word.

It something to think about...


Damn Kramer...

Here's another example of hate:


The last time I checked, GOD isn't down with ANY FORM OF GENOCIDE!

When will people learn?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So... If you had liked the character of Kramer or the "Seinfeld" TV show, what Michael Richards said would be alright?

Friday, November 24, 2006 10:37:00 AM  
Blogger Ken B. said...


Saturday, November 25, 2006 5:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the club should have stopped the show and shut off the mic before he had a chance to offend anyone. Michael Richards should sue the club for not protecting his rights !!!

Thursday, November 30, 2006 2:29:00 PM  

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