Thursday, June 18, 2009

25 Things to know about me...

I got this idea from a post by my recently rediscovered classmate (Go FMB & NHS) Debi Hatem Sudaley (Giving credit where credit is due.) on Facebook, so here goes:


25 things to know about me

Rules: you've been tagged (as I just was), you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

1. I truly dreaded turning the "Big 4-0." So much so that I really didn't celebrate it. I mean, no big parties or anything. I guess I'll grin and bear it.

2. I am not happy with how this planet is turning out. Things ARE NOT as they should be. Sometimes I wish I still had the naivety I had when I was in high school. Sometimes, Ignorance IS bliss...

3. I love being out on my own.

4. I love North Carolina, even though the City of Greensboro needs alittle (No, alot of) work.

5. On occasion, I miss New Jersey. Not the weather mind you, but being able to go to NYC on a whim or to The Meadowlands or to the horse track... ahhh, the memories of youth.

6. I love God. I don't like organized religion. There IS a difference and far too many people use religion to control people, to hurt them, and to destroy them. THAT WAS NOT GOD'S INTENTION!!

7. My appearance has changed ALOT since I graduated from NHS. I never thought that I would have hair damn near past my shoulders.

8. I have very few regrets in my life. One of the few is that I didn't attend my 10 year high school reunion.

9. I've learned to hate politics. It's as bad as organized religion.

10. When asking an honest or even stupid question, I expect an honest answer.

11. There are ways to tell a person the truth about something without being blunt or hurtful. I've learned this over the years.

12. If I have wasted my time on anything, it's trying to convince ignorant and/or racist people how not all Black people are "bad" or "dangerous." Now, I don't give a f**k. Just stay the Hell out of my way and I won't kill you.

13. I've also learned that "turning the other cheek" is a total waste of time as well. If someone tries to hurt you (physically, mentally, and/or spiritually), block and counter-punch! There's absolutely nothing wrong with defending yourself. I also believe in destroying your enemy if he/she is attacking you or trying to hurt your family. SHOW NO MERCY!

14. I truly hate fake-ass people.The kind that will smile in your face, but talk mad junk behind your back. COWARDS!!

15. There's nothing wrong with following your dreams, even at our age. It's NEVER too late!!

16. I love the environment, but I'm not crazy with it. I'm not going to spray you with paint if you're wearing a fur coat or live in a tree or anything.

17. I believe that certain truths are being kept from the general population so that a "chosen few" can be in power and make crazy profit.

18. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but when it comes to certain things involving our government, the old saying is: "Something smell rotten in Denmark (Or Washington, DC in this case)."

19. I truly hate racism in ANY FORM! Be it against Black folks, White folks, or anyone that some people feel are "different" from themselves. We all bleed red. We all breath the same air and when we die, we will all be judged. AND WE ALL HAVE FEELINGS!

20. I am a meat-eater and will be one until the day I die. I don't understand vegans. It doesn't mean I don't like them, I just don't understand some of their views.

21. I was never overly ambitious in high school or in my 20's. When I hit my early 30's however, I had an epiphany, and now all of the sudden, I want to rule the world! I don't know how the Hell that happened. Go figure...

22. The older I get, the more open-minded I become. That's a good thing.

23. I was never an avid reader in high school. Now, I have an extensive personal library and a collection that many of my friends envy. How'd that happen?

24. I love The Internet! It's hard to believe that I grew up without it. Also, who would have thought in high school that any of us not only would have a personal and portable phone on them, but that it does so much stuff! Making a phone call is the least of it's varied functions.

25. I can cook. No really. I'm kinda surprised by that myself, but I truly enjoy cooking.

That's it for now. I kinda like doing that. maybe I'll do another "25 Things" as well.


Keep in mind that the original post was on my Facebook page and it was geared toward people who haven't seen or talked with me since high school, but I think it's appropriate for my public blog as well.



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