Monday, July 25, 2005

The Tale of The Two Mikes: "Thriller" Mike & "Iron" Mike...

This post, originally on my site, is the one where the subjects are really disappointing. Both of these men had great potential, but blew it for various reasons. Both were young, rich, and talented in their field of endeavor, but in the end wound up like cartoon characters on "The Cartoon Network."

Read on...


Before I begin, I gotta give "full disclosure." I'm Black. So is Michael Jackson (I think) and Mike Tyson. Now that's out of the way: WTF IS GOIN' ON????!!!! First, the so-called "Iron" Mike straight up punks out of the fight against a no-name fighter, then Michael Jackson is acquitted on EVERY SINGLE COUNT!

Now, I remember Michael Jackson when he was Black and I loved his music, but you know what Mike? GROW THE F#CK UP & STOP HANGIN' W/ ANYONE WHO'S UNDER LEGAL AGE! I didn't have my own private zoo or a damn amusement park in my back yard, but do you hear me bitchin' about it? F#ck no! Hey, I know that "Papa Joe" was an assh@le, but so was my "ol' man" (I won't give him the dignity of naming him, but his initials are FH) and it didn't make me crazy or crave for the company of young boys!

Boo-F#ckin'-Hooo, Mike!!

If you're gay Mike, then COME OUT OF THE F#CKIN' CLOSET & GET A GROWN MAN! You may not have screwed around w/ the boys presented @ this particular trial, but you DID do something (IMHO) w/ those kids you settled with years ago! I know this: If I had kids (someday) and if they had even HINTED @ you touching them, you would've been ONE DEAD N*GGA! (I can say that because I'm Black)

Now for "Aluminum" Mike Tyson. Mike, WTF were you thinkin'??!! You were winning the damn fight YOU F#CKIN' IDIOT!! All of the sh#t-talkin', all of the knockouts, all of the bizarre & crazy antics, and you QUIT against some no-name, no-talent fighter because u were SCARED?! Get you ass back in the ring and fight, damnit!! You're "Iron" Mike Tyson! You're not supposed to b afraid of ANYONE this side of "The Creator" Himself!! Even if you lose, lose w/ dignity!


You went thru almost 1/2 a billion dollars in 20 years ($400,000,000.00 CASH to be exact), and you don't have sh#t to show for it, except a f#cked-up face tatoo! I hope you're proud of yourself. Instead of training and getting back "The Eye of the Tiger" like Rocky did, you start crying like a baby and REFUSED to come out of the corner. And to imagine you received $5 million dollars for that bullsh*t fiasco (Which will be only $5.48 when the Gov't is done taking out all of the taxes you owe.).

You can't live off your "fearsome" reputation (That's a laugh!) forever. You have to "put up, or shut the f*ck up!" You would make a decent bouncer for a nightclub, but that's it now. Even Riddick Bowe in his current shape would have put up a better fight than you did! You let alot of people down Mike, including yourself. I hope you're proud of yourself, bub. IMHO, you were done 15 years ago when Buster Douglas whipped your ass, even you know that now.

In conclusion, The Two Mikes need to just retire from public view so we can forget about them. It's kinda f*cked up, too. I really liked Michael's music, even his disco album "Off the Wall" back in the day...


Rant over, for now...


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