Thursday, September 01, 2005

That ain't right...

Something happened recently that I knew in time would happen...

The Greensboro City Council has agreed to pay almost HALF-A-MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR ($400,000.00 to be exact) for a "Center City Park" that WE (meaning the people of Greensboro) DON'T OWN!

That's just PLAIN WRONG!!

I knew that the PRIVATE OWNERSHIP behind "The Center City Park" would get us to pay for something that is essentially PRIVATE PROPERTY. The city can't even tell them how to spend the money!

Isn't that a f#ckin' trip!

One member of The City Council, such as Councilwoman Sandy Carmany agrees with the payout (her blog about the issue is here: and I disagree with her views on this.

Here's a comment I made in reference to The City Council's decision:


<<<>, Ken B. said...
With all due respect Councilwoman Carmany, the city shouldn't pay ONE THIN DIME to upkeep something that is PRIVATE PROPERTY. I was against this park from the beginning (but not downtown growth in general), precisely because I knew the city (i.e. taxpayers, i.e. ME!) would eventually wind up paying for this small piece of square greenery where downtown residents' pets use for a toilet. That's not right... >>>

Here's her response to my comment:

<<<>, Sandy Carmany said...
Thanks for sharing your viewpoint, Ken. I respect it, and hope that you respect mine. >>>



That's ALL you have to say?

You can go to the link to her site that I provided above to see for yourself.

I hope you come up with something better before the election, Sandy...


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