Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Legendary Gordon Parks: R.I.P.

Gordon Parks

11/30/12 - 3/7/06

Gordon Roger Alexander Buchannan Parks

What can be said about one of the greatest Americans that ever lived?

He revolutionized the way pictures are shot and interpreted.

He was our eyes during the "Civil Rights Movement."

He was the first Black man to direct a feature film for Hollywood, "The Learning Tree."

Though "The Learning Tree" was his first film for Hollywood, it wasn't his most famous one. What was it? Maybe you remember it?

I'll give you a hint:

Issac Hayes sang that he was a bad mother...


This was the movie that heralded the age of so-called " blaxploitation " films, which gave us such classics as "The Mack," "Superfly," and "Cleopatra Jones."

So many things can be written about this great man that if I tried to write ALL OF IT on this blog, I would be up all night, to say the least.

93 years...


Rest In Peace, bruh...


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