Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What Greensboro's Black Leaders need to do...

Some of Greensboro's Black Leaders in Downtown after a rally.

In a previous post, I pretty much went off on some of the so-called Black "leaders" in Greensboro.

Am I taking it back?

Am I apologizing?


First of all, to REALLY help Black folks in G'boro, The Black "Leadership" needs to take its influence and ACTUALLY get things started. For example neighborhood, grass-roots organizations in the places it needs it (Not the 'burbs, but the 'hood.).

Work with the locals who actually LIVE THERE and get them involved in the process to make their neighborhoods safer and better. Back it up with some funds (If you can get money to run for office, then you can help raise money for what's needed.) and the will to see it through to the end.

No more "grand" speeches downtown to only TALK about the problems facing Blacks in The 'Boro.


Number one, that's not where the problems are. Number two, you said that you had a document stating the things that are wrong, OK, So where's the document saying what you are actually going TO DO TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM?

Make a document stating what you are going to do about it and FOLLOW THROUGH & STICK TO IT!

I do agree with y'all, however, that Councilwoman Dianne Bellamy-Small got a raw deal in the local media(I'm not down with Lie Detectors. They can be made to read/sense ANYTHING!), but why didn't she defend herself? Why didn't she go after those who attacked her?

Hell, she has a show on public access just like I do, and YOU KNOW I DON'T BS!

I agree that The Greensboro N&R went after Project Homestead with a vengeance (Even though Rev. Michael King was a hypocrite preacher, Project Homestead itself did NOTHING WRONG.).

What did y'all do to the paper because of it?

What did y'all do about the high suspension rate of Black students in the school?

What did y'all do when Willie Best was fired?


Oh, my bad, you marched & made speeches.

And how is County Commissioner Skip Alston going to complain about racism & having a living wage (Around $12.00 an hour. Something I DON'T make.) when his "Skip's Doghouse" doesn't employ workers at the living wage y'all talk about? Or how The St. James Homes went to Hell under his stewardship?

And why didn't he put a foot in Billy Yow's behind (Figuratively speaking, of course.) when he went on his racist rant?


Here's what you do about high suspension rates of Black students in school:

1) Find out why they were suspended.

2) If a Non-Black student (That doesn't mean just White, it means Latino, Asian, Native American, basically anyone who isn't Black. I don't use codewords.) commits the same/similar offense and DOESN'T get suspended, then GO AFTER THE ONE WHO SUSPENDED THE STUDENT IN THE FIRST PLACE!

There are three Blacks on The Guilford County Board of Education! Work with them at first, then the remaining members to correct the problem.

3) Put a foot in the behind of the Black student that got suspended in the first place! (Figuratively speaking, of course. Or maybe physically if needed.)

We need to stop pampering & coddling the youth in this country like they're babies. A good foot in the booty will help in this endeavor.

Now, I know what y'all are gonna say:

What the Hell are YOU doing?

Well, my show's a start. I've been dropping knowledge on my show for over five years now. Another thing I do is going to some of these community cookouts (Like the one on Phillip's Ave. this past Saturday.) and BEING APART OF THE COMMUNITY. Mingling and actually TALKING to the people in the community to see "What's up."

I'm sure there's more, but I'm getting tired and I'll talk about it at a later date.

Will it be easy?

Hell no! Nothing's easy for Black folks in America!

But it's a start.


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