Monday, July 25, 2005

S.S.D.D.: Same Sh#t, Different Day...

Hey, folks. Have you ever on occassion felt like Life's "One Big Merry-Go-Round? That sometimes you seem like you're going in circles? And that the same stuff keeps happening, but it's just a different day?

If you've had that happen to you, read on...


Ever have one of those days that you see and/or go through the same bullsh#t, but it's just a different day? Maybe I'm getting old, but DAMN!! You would figure that some people would learn after going through some sh#t that maybe, MAYBE you shouldn't do what you've been doing time and time again? And then you wonder why you get hurt.

For exanple, I know this girl that's on her 3rd child. She keeps bitching about the various fathers of her kids saying, "They're worthless!" or, "They ain't sh*t!" Well, they weren't sh*t when you were F#CKING THEM! Why should it be any different now that you're pregnant?

Also, there's this guy I know that keeps getting turned down for jobs. I asked why and he said it's because he keeps failing the drug test. Now, I don't do drugs myself (weed included), but if you KNOW that you're going in for a drug test, why are you smoking weed the DAY BEFORE?

C'mon, man!

Then there's this other girl that keeps complaining about her weight, saying that she's fat and unattractive (actually she's really cute, especially in the face). I suggested that she stop munching on Twinkies and cake all the time (in a nice way, of course), go on a diet and exercise, and she GETS MAD! It's not like I said she was ugly or anything or was being rude or insulting!

If you don't want the truth, don't talk to me!

I don't know, maybe it's just me...


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