Monday, September 05, 2005

Dubya & Katrina...

Hurricane Katrina's wrath in "The Big Easy" is still being felt as I write this. Unfortunately, Dubya DIDN'T BOTHER to comfort any of the victim's there. He spent less than a half hour in N.O., and most of that was by air as he flew over the disaster area. It didn't stop him from visiting Mississippi or from FLYING OVER & BYPASSING New Orleans and comforting people in Alabama!

Ain't THAT a trip?!

And when someone comments on Dubya's mishandling of this crisis (He was on vacation and didn't go back to The White House until THREE DAYS LATER!), THEY GET CENSORED!!

No Dubya, you're NOT doing a good job!

Kanye West comments on Dubya was CUT OUT so that people on The West Coast couldn't hear what he had to say about Bush's attitude towards Black folks in N.O.

See what Kanye REALLY said in it's entirety here:

Notice how they cut to Chris Tucker REAL QUICK? They didn't want Kanye to continue with what he had to say! That's why Chris was unprepared and caught off-guard when the cameras were switched to him.

Race and class are becoming more and more apparent in this situation, even in this time of tragedy.

When will people f*ckin' learn...


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