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Documents Reveal: Cops Planted Pot on 92-Year Old Woman They Killed in Botched Drug Raid...

I have some sh*t to tell y'all.

You remember the blog I did back in 11/06 about how a 92 year-old lady dies in a shootout with the cops?

Well, it was not just a botched raid, they planted drugs on her!

Read the whole story below...


Documents Reveal: Cops Planted Pot on 92-Year Old Woman They Killed in Botched Drug Raid

Atlanta resident Kathryn Johnston's death has finally been exposed to be a case of police coverup in clear example of the insanity of the war on drugs.

According to federal documents released this week, these are the events that led to Kathryn Johnston's death and the steps the officers took to cover their tracks. Three narcotics agents were trolling the streets near the Bluffs in northwest Atlanta, a known market for drugs, midday on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Eventually they set their sights on some apartments on Lanier Street, usually fertile when narcotics agents are looking for arrests and seizures. Gregg Junnier and another narcotics officer went inside the apartments around 2 p.m. while Jason Smith checked the woods. Smith found dozens of bags of marijuana -- in baggies that were clear, blue or various other colors and packaged to sell. With no one connected to the pot, Smith stashed the bags in the trunk of the patrol car. A use was found for Smith's stash 90 minutes later: A phone tip led the three officers to a man in a "gold-colored jacket" who might be dealing. The man, identified as X in the documents but known as Fabian Sheats, spotted the cops and put something in his mouth. They found no drugs on Sheats, but came up with a use for the pot they found earlier.

They wanted information or they would arrest Sheats for dealing.
While Junnier called for a drug-sniffing dog, Smith planted some bags under a rock, which the K-9 unit found. But if Sheats gave them something, he could walk.

Sheats pointed out 933 Neal St., the home of 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston. That, he claimed, is where he spotted a kilogram of cocaine when he was there to buy crack from a man named "Sam." They needed someone to go inside, but Sheats would not do for their purposes because he was not a certified confidential informant. So about 5:05 p.m. they reached out by telephone to Alex White to make an undercover buy for them. They had experience with White and he had proved to be a reliable snitch.

But White had no transportation and could not help.

Still, Smith, Junnier and the other officer, Arthur Tesler, according to the state's case, ran with the information. They fabricated all the right answers to persuade a magistrate to give them a no-knock search warrant. By 6 p.m., they had the legal document they needed to break into Kathryn Johnston's house, and within 40 minutes they were prying off the burglar bars and using a ram to burst through the elderly woman's front door. It took about two minutes to get inside, which gave Johnston time to retrieve her rusty .38 revolver. Tesler was at the back door when Junnier, Smith and the other narcotics officers crashed through the front.

Johnston got off one shot, the bullet missing her target and hitting a porch roof. The three narcotics officers answered with 39 bullets.

Five or six bullets hit the terrified woman. Authorities never figured out who fired the fatal bullet, the one that hit Johnston in the chest. Some pieces of the other bullets -- friendly fire -- hit Junnier and two other cops. The officers handcuffed the mortally wounded woman and searched the house.

There was no Sam.

There were no drugs.

There were no cameras that the officers had claimed was the reason for the no-knock warrant.

Just Johnston, handcuffed and bleeding on her living room floor.

That is when the officers took it to another level. Three baggies of marijuana were retrieved from the trunk of the car and planted in Johnston's basement. The rest of the pot from the trunk was dropped down a sewage drain and disappeared.

The three began getting their stories straight.

The next day, one of them, allegedly Tesler, completed the required incident report in which he wrote that the officers went to the house because their informant had bought crack at the Neal Street address. And Smith turned in two bags of crack to support that claim. They plotted how they would cover up the lie. They tried to line up one of their regular informants, Alex White, the reliable snitch with the unreliable transportation.

The officers' story would be that they met with White at an abandoned carwash Nov. 21 and gave him $50 to make the buy from Neal Street. To add credibility to their story, they actually paid White his usual $30 fee for information and explained to him how he was to say the scenario played out if asked. An unidentified store owner kicked in another $100 to entice White to go along with the play. The three cops spoke several times, assuring each other of the story they would tell.

But Junnier was the first to break.

On Dec. 11, three weeks after the shooting, Junnier told the FBI it was all a lie.

Note: Junnier will face 10 years and one month and Smith 12 years and seven months. No sentencing date was immediately set, and the sentences are contingent on the men cooperating with the government. Arthur Tesler, also on administrative leave, was charged with violation of oath by a public officer, making false statements and false imprisonment under color of legal process. His attorney, William McKenney, said Tesler expects to go to trial.


What is this world coming too???

Kathryn Johnston, I hope you can rest in peace, now.

North Dakota bans forced RFID chipping...

At least someone is talking some sense here.

Check it out below...


N.D. bans forced RFID chipping

As expected, North Dakota has become the second state in the U.S. to ban the forced implanting of radio frequency identification (RFID) chips in people. The two-sentence bill, passed by the state legislature, was signed into law by Gov. John Hoeven last Wednesday. Essentially, it forbids anyone from compelling someone else to have an RFID chip injected into their skin. The state follows in the steps of Wisconsin, which passed similar legislation last year.

"We need to strike a balance as we continue to develop this technology between what it can do and our civil liberties, our right to privacy," Hoeven said in an interview. He emphasized that the law doesn't prohibit voluntary chipping. Military personnel who want an RFID chip injected so they can be more easily tracked will still be allowed to get a chip. There are also potential uses for the technology in corrections or in monitoring animals, he noted. Marlin Schneider, the state legislator who sponsored the Wisconsin law, said he is glad to see an antichipping legislation trend. However, such statutes don't go far enough to curb the ability of private sector retailers and manufacturers to "implant these things into everything we buy." Ultimately, with RFID tagging systems, corporations "will be able to monitor everything we buy, everywhere we go and, perhaps as these technologies develop, everything we say."

But Michael Shamos, a professor who specializes in security issues at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, believes the law is too vague to do much good. For instance, it only addresses situations where a chip is injected, even though RFID tags can also be swallowed. And it doesn't clearly define what a forced implant really is; someone could make chipping a requirement for a financial reward. "Suppose I offer to pay you $10,000 if you have an RFID [chip] implanted?" he asked. "Is that 'requiring' if it's totally voluntary on your part?"

The idea behind the law isn't bad, but "it looks hastily drawn and will have unpredictable consequences," said Shamos.


Hopefully, other states will follow their example...

Pentagon wants to end controversial spying program...

Here's some more NWO bullsh*t from

When are people gonna wake the Hell up?


Pentagon wants to end controversial spying program

The Pentagon wants to close a domestic terrorism spying venture that has drawn criticism for collecting information on peaceful activists inside the United States, a spokesman said Wednesday.

The new undersecretary of defense for intelligence, James Clapper, found disappointing results during a review of the Pentagon's Threat and Local Observation Notice (TALON) database, instituted in 2003.

Clapper "has assessed the results of the TALON program and does not believe they merit continuing the program as currently constituted, particularly in light of its image in Congress and the media," spokesman Pat Ryder said.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has not yet made a formal decision to shut down the program, Ryder added. The Pentagon admitted last year that a small portion of the information collected in the database "either should have been purged, or was data that was not appropriate for reporting in that system."

The TALON program began in 2003 to track suspects with possible links to terrorists as part of the United States' post-September 11, 2001 "war on terror." Parts of the database leaked to news reporters have shown that the Pentagon has been collecting information on peace activists and monitoring anti-war protests across the country. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) last year filed several Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests seeking to uncover which peace group is being spied on by the Pentagon and why.

The filing was on behalf of several national groups and seven Florida-based peace activist groups, including Florida members of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), a Quaker religious-based peace group. "We found there were any number of things with respect to that program where there were data that was maintained in a database where they probably should have not been maintained there," said Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman.

"Everybody will agree there is a need to be able to monitor report threats on US installations and against US military personnel and how you go about that is I guess what the issue is here."
Influential Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy said "there are ways to protect defense facilities and military personnel without this kind of overreaching" and saluted the Pentagon's will to put an end to the program.

"Talon was another costly, controversial and poorly focused venture that did not make us any safer," Leahy said.

"Without clear rules and close oversight, databases like this can easily be abused to violate the public's constitutional and privacy rights."


Does this crap make you feel safer?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sick & Tired of Being Letured by Global Warming Hypocrites...

I got this lil' tidbit off
It was written by Paul J. Watson, who works on the website,
It's mostly about celebs who preach about the enviroment, but don't "practice what they preach.

Read on...


Sick And Tired Of Being Lectured By Global Warming Hypocrites

Private jet flying, CO2 belching, bags made by slaves in China transported thousands of miles buying, bulb banning, Al Gore worshipping morons wagging their finger at me when I don't even drive a car get under my skin

I've had enough of it.

Ninnying fatuous self-important morons who demand that everyone else make sacrifices in the name of mother earth while they zoom around in CO2 belching private jets and lavish themselves in heated swimming pools are hypocrites but perhaps we should be grateful that their frothing absurdities are causing the man-made global warming cult to lose whatever credibility it has left.

Last week, singer Sheryl Crow demanded that we all use one square of toilet paper per bathroom visit to help save the planet. Shortly after these ridiculous comments, the Smoking Gun website uncovered documents showing Crow's touring requirements, which include three tractor trailers, four buses and six cars. I don't even drive a car, so to be lectured about what I can and can't do is a bit rich coming from someone whose "carbon footprint" is bigger than King Kong's treads.

At the British premiere of his movie Wild Hogs, actor John Travolta urged everyone to "do their bit" to fight global warming, warning that "We have to think about alternative methods of fuel." I fly commercial perhaps once every two years for a brief holiday.

John Travolta's pad: Wouldn't you like to park your jet at your crib?

Travolta has five private jets parked in his runway (pictured above) , has produced an estimated 800 tons of carbon emissions, 100 times more than the average person in the last year, is a "serving ambassador" for the Australian airline Qantas and named his son Jett as a tribute to his love of flying. So when Travolta lectures me about "doing my bit" forgive me for taking it with a pinch of salt.

Al Gore is the messiah for the climate change fanatics and his error-strewn polemic An Inconvenient Truth , has been dispatched to every British school on orders of the Blair government, so that kids may be forcefully brainwashed into accepting that man-made global warming is as much a reality as the surveillance cameras, metal detectors and biometric scanning for lunches that they have to endure as part of their "education."

Gore's 20 room private mansion uses 20 times the national U.S. average of gas and electricity , as Gore lavishes himself in his heated swimming pool while poor people and the middle class await the onslaught of carbon taxes to eviscerate any disposable income they have left. Gore is behind the spectacle of the Live-8 style Live Earth concerts that will take place in numerous cities around the world on July 7 to raise awareness about climate change. The performers who will be showcased at these concerts include people like Madonna, who owns at least 6 gas-guzzling cars including a Mercedes Maybach, two Range Rovers, Audi A8s and a Mini Cooper S.

According to a report , last year "Madonna flew as many as 100 technicians, dancers, backing singers, managers and family members on a 56-date world tour in private jets and commercial airliners." The singer's Confessions tour produced 440 tonnes of CO2 in four months of last year.
Other acts, including rock group Red Hot Chili Peppers, all use private jets yet are set to throw their stardom behind an effort to propagandize the notion that we are producing too many carbon emissions.

This will all be eagerly lapped up by the majority of Britons, who are zealously supportive of government programs that punish people who don't jump on the climate bandwagon. Fines for putting rubbish in the wrong colored trash can are now commonplace, as state spies roam around leafy suburbs searching through people's bins for evidence of dastardly "enviro-crimes" while tiny cameras are placed inside bean cans to catch potential villains.

The exact level of idiocy these morons embrace was underscored perfectly yesterday when throngs of them queued up outside a London supermarket from 3am to buy "eco-friendly" bags that have become the latest must-have fashion item and another ego trinket for them to grandstand and revel in the pomp that they are saving Mother Earth.

In reality, the bags were made by slaves in China and transported thousands of miles by CO2 belching jet planes . But let's not concern ourselves about that - as long as we can feel good about ourselves while wagging our finger in judgment at anyone who uses those dirty old plastic bags that's all that matters.

These kind of simpletons are also behind the move to completely criminalize the ownership of incandescent light bulbs, despite the fact that their precious "energy saving light bulbs" are loaded with toxic waste that's already banned under EU regulations. They also contain deadly Mercury which will end up in our land fills and our water supply once use of the new CFL bulbs becomes mandatory.

If you still believe in the notion of man-made global warming, then you should be very concerned about the fact that the leading proponents of the theory are all giant hypocrites espousing outlandish and radical measures to combat climate change while fearmongering about doomsday scenarios that will befall us unless we all drastically reduce our carbon footprints, while their own carbon footprints dwarf the average person's by a hundred times or more.
The result of this will be that the mantra of man-made global warming will begin to look increasingly inane and it will eventually lose steam. People with an ounce of common sense will see through the fact that a natural cycle of warming that occurs every few hundred years does not mean the end of the world, and that hysteria is deliberately being whipped up on behalf of governments in order to grease the skids for draconian taxation and control measures that won't even do anything to combat man-made global warming even if it was real, but will do everything to aid the construction of the prison planet that the elite have planned all along.

Meanwhile, real environmental issues like genetically modified garbage poisoning our very food supply, the disappearance of huge swathes of the bee populations across the world, deforestation and toxic waste dumping, all get buried while global warming monopolizes the attention of the phony environmental movement.

No doubt there'll be several responses to this article accusing me of denying that the planet is heating up and saying I'm on the payroll of the oil companies. For those people, I would like to remind you of the fact that it was none other than Peter Sutherland, the chairman of British Petroleum, who rallied his fellow elitists at the Trilateral Commission meeting last month , to exploit the hysteria of global warming in order to impose a standardized carbon tax, a measure that will create artificial scarcity and, just like peak oil, raise prices, reaping billions in profits for oil industry moguls at the very top of the ladder.


Hey Sheryl, one square of toliet paper may be enough for your skinny ass, but I need alittle bit more than that!

More Cam'ron: 21 Questions for Cam'ron and His 'No Snitching' Ethos...

I had to put this up once I read it on

It was written by Illseed on Allhiphop's Editorial page.

Check it out below...


21 Questions for Cam'ron and His 'No Snitching' Ethos
by: illseed

You have to love the code of ethics that some rappers abide by. If you don't, you are subject to go batty. Cam'ron is of the streets in a way that I clearly cannot relate to. When he informed 60 Minutes that he adheres to a strict diet of no snitching, I knew a new level of ignorance was about to be displayed. And Killa Cam did not disappoint. He told 60 Minutes' Anderson Cooper that even if he discovered that he had a serial killer for a neighbor, he would not tell the fuzz that a ravenous murderer lived in his midst. At worst, he'd relocate. But Cam isn't just somebody that talks the talk, he lives it. When he was in Washington, D.C., he was shot several times while cruising in his Lamborghini. He frustrated the hell out of area police by refusing to help them arrest the assailant. On other occasions, Cam's refusal of police cooperation creed has been muddier. At a basketball event at Harlem’s Rucker Park New York, Cam met with police, but his level of cooperation is mostly unknown. These days, aiding police in ANY crime (rape, murder, maiming, killing newborns) is the moral equivalent to snitching, says the 60 Minutes report. Since Cam'ron has been beefing with 50 Cent, I decided to write "21 Questions" and situations in order to test the strength of the Harlemite's "No snitching" policy.

1. Would you talk to the police if somebody in the hood killed your one of your immediate family members (mother, father)?

2. Would the cops get a call from one Cameron Giles if his son was threatened?

3. If you knew of a plot to destroy the entire planet Earth by space aliens, would there be a call placed from a certain leader of Dipset to President Obama?

4. Captain America was recently killed off...couldn't Cam have given him a warning before the sniper bullet hit?

5. Speaking of snipers, if Cam'ron was reared in the ‘60s and knew of the COINTELPRO plot to destroy Black leaders...couldn't the Nation get some "snitchy" love?

6. James Earl Ray's spilling his guts? No action? You know the killers of Biggie, Pac, Big L, Jam Master Jay, Scott La Rock, Jimmy Hoffa, Ren, Stimpy and others...can you speak up?

7. Capo Jim Jones gets all of the master's of his new album stolen, which contains a hit bigger than "We Fly High (Ballllllin!)" and you know the only way to get it back is through the cops...?

8. Okay, let’s try this a bit differently. If you knew a band of diseased monkeys were hiding out, would you tell authorities where they were so they couldn't spread their infectious disease to more humans?

9. Would you use a snitch to find information on a crime against you even though you hate snitches? Police do this a lot!

10. If a female bit off your Johnson and hid it, would you tell the cops who did it to get it back? (No homo x 1,000, pause and all that.)

11. Your son has been kidnapped and the kidnappers have a special request in order for him to be returned safely. They simply want you to "tell" on them. What do you do, even though they refuse money?

12. You catch Jeffery Dahmer with a human hand in his hand... 911 on the sneak tip?

13. If a man raped his daughter, wife or mother on 125th in Harlem and was going to go on vacation, because nobody would ID’d him... would you "snitch" then?

14. If you could anonymously snitch on the world's biggest drug dealer for $1 billion dollars, would you?

15. Would you snitch on Osama Bin Laden if he lived in Apt. 4E with his dialysis machine?

16. A doctor is performing surgery while drunk and causes somebody to have permanent watermelon-sized head, and you know he had a 40 ounce before cutting. What?

17. You know of a filthy, low down snitch that is going to snitch on you for a murder you didn't commit. Do you snitch on the snitch to clear your name?

18. The Ku Klux Klan decide it’s time to reinstate slavery and they start with whipping you like a slave, Roots-style, do you just take it or take it to the police?

19. You can become a national hero if you reveal _______ orchestrated the September 11th terror attacks if you just drop a big dime. Can the government get change?

20. Would you tell if somebody stole every dollar you owned and swiped your pricey Lambos too?

21. If 50 Cent had a plot to destroy your illustrious, highly profitable and successful recording career, would you...nevermind!

Illseed is's resident cultural critic even though nobody on staff will co-sign him. Write him 21 questions at


I wonder if Cam read this?

He needs to...

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The Amero: It's Coming...


I just ran across this bullsh*t.


If you'll excuse my "Broken English":

Lou Dobbs ain't no joke!

It looks like The NWO is really going down!

Between this and The National ID Act, it looks like George Orwell's world of 1984 is coming true.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Cam'ron & "Snitchin' "...

Cam'ron's an idiot.

Anyone who saw his lil' speech on "60 Minutes" knows what I'm talking about.

To explain the differences of SNITCHING:

SNITCHING does not mean TELLING.

Snitching means YOU got caught doing some dirt and you wanna tell on your homie or someone else to save YOUR OWN ASS!

SNITCHING is telling on someone to avoid taking a fall YOURSELF!

SNITCHING is bad minded, ill-intentioned reporting.

A SNITCH is a RAT who betrays his friends/comrades/copatriots!


Don't believe me?

Ask Jeffrey Dahmer. Ask John Wayne Gacy.

Oh, you can't. They're DEAD.

Why? Because their respective neighbors let the proper authorites know that "somethin' funky" was going on with them and they were sentenced TO DEATH BECAUSE OF IT!

The "Stop Snitchin' Campaign" is BULLSHIT!


Because you can only snitch on someone you know, or are close to not a stranger.

Grow the F*ck up, people...

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The Evolution of Oppression...

Here's another one from MMurray21.

It's called, "The Evolution of Oppression," another deep vid on

Peep it below...

The Knowledge just keep gettin' better and better...

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Punk Ass Negroes...

I saw this on

It's by the same person who did "The Minstrel Show" awhile back.

Punk Ass Negroes...

Check it out.

Hopefully, some people will learn from this.

Keep'em comin', MMurray21.

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Yeah, this Sunday was my B-Day.

April Fool's Day.

Yeah, ha-ha...

I'm edging closer and closer to the "Dreaded 4-0" every year. lol!

Didn't do anything fancy, just some drinks w/ the fellaz.

What did I wish for on my Birthday?

What else? MORE MONEY!!