Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Let's remember what we have to be thankful for, even thought the "beginning tradition" of Thanksgiving started off on the wrong foot (to put in VERY MILDLY!!).

Don't get too stuffed on what was almost The National Bird of The USA (See Ben Franklin for more info on this).

And yes, I'm up this early because I'm cooking this year...

Tom the Turkey says:

Eat more Beef!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Duke waives old property limits on Blacks...

I almost didn't believe this crap when I first read it.

What do they want, a freakin' medal?


Duke waives old property limits on blacks

Monday, Nov. 5, 2007 4:57 pm

DURHAM (AP) — In a symbolic move, Duke University is waiving its decades-old rights to prohibit blacks from purchasing property in Duke Forest.

The school has long said it wouldn't enforce racial covenants contained in property deeds, but Duke officials say the waivers represent an important statement.

Duke President Richard H. Brodhead says each land deed is being revised to disavow language that reflected segregation and to make sure the exclusionary provisions never be revived.

Duke sold the 232 properties to faculty members between 1931 and 1969. The racial covenants in the deeds were ruled illegal by the Supreme Court in 1948.

Still, the school wants to officially waive any rights it may have in Durham County.


Oh lawdy, lawdy! I jus' so happy that Mr. Duke came to dey senses!!

F**k Duke...

Pilot Who Dropped First A-Bomb Dies...

I came across this a few days ago.

Brig. Gen. Paul W. Tibbets: 2/23/15 - 11/1/07

The Hiroshima Hammer

Paul Tibbets, who piloted the B-29 bomber Enola Gay that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, recently died. He was 92 and insisted he had no regrets about what he did.


I know he did what he did in the service of America during WW II, but to have no regrets or sorrow about destroying an entire city and killing hundreds of thousands in a blink of an eye?

It couldn't be me.

Read the article below:


Pilot Who Dropped First A-Bomb Dies

Posted: 2007-11-01 15:54:02
Filed Under: Nation News

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Nov. 1) - Paul Tibbets, who piloted the B-29 bomber Enola Gay that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, died Thursday. He was 92 and insisted almost to his dying day that he had no regrets about the mission and slept just fine at night.

Tibbets died at his Columbus home, said Gerry Newhouse, a longtime friend. He suffered from a variety of health problems and had been in decline for two months.

Tibbets had requested no funeral and no headstone, fearing it would provide his detractors with a place to protest, Newhouse said.

Tibbets' historic mission in the plane named for his mother marked the beginning of the end of World War II and eliminated the need for what military planners feared would have been an extraordinarily bloody invasion of Japan. It was the first use of a nuclear weapon in wartime.

The plane and its crew of 14 dropped the five-ton "Little Boy" bomb on the morning of Aug. 6, 1945. The blast killed 70,000 to 100,000 people and injured countless others.

Three days later, the United States dropped a second nuclear bomb on Nagasaki, Japan, killing an estimated 40,000 people. Tibbets did not fly in that mission. The Japanese surrendered a few days later, ending the war.

"I knew when I got the assignment it was going to be an emotional thing," Tibbets told The Columbus Dispatch for a story published on the 60th anniversary of the bombing. "We had feelings, but we had to put them in the background. We knew it was going to kill people right and left. But my one driving interest was to do the best job I could so that we could end the killing as quickly as possible."

Tibbets, then a 30-year-old colonel, never expressed regret over his role. He said it was his patriotic duty and the right thing to do.

"I'm not proud that I killed 80,000 people, but I'm proud that I was able to start with nothing, plan it and have it work as perfectly as it did," he said in a 1975 interview.

"You've got to take stock and assess the situation at that time. We were at war. ... You use anything at your disposal."

He added: "I sleep clearly every night."

Paul Warfield Tibbets Jr. was born Feb. 23, 1915, in Quincy, Illinois, and spent most of his boyhood in Miami.

He was a student at the University of Cincinnati's medical school when he decided to withdraw in 1937 to enlist in the Army Air Corps.

After the war, Tibbets said in 2005, he was dogged by rumors claiming he was in prison or had committed suicide.

"They said I was crazy, said I was a drunkard, in and out of institutions," he said. "At the time, I was running the National Crisis Center at the Pentagon."

Tibbets retired from the Air Force as a brigadier general in 1966. He later moved to Columbus, where he ran an air taxi service until he retired in 1985.

But his role in the bombing brought him fame - and infamy - throughout his life.

In 1976, he was criticized for re-enacting the bombing during an appearance at a Harlingen, Texas, air show. As he flew a B-29 Superfortress over the show, a bomb set off on the runway below created a mushroom cloud.

He said the display "was not intended to insult anybody," but the Japanese were outraged. The U.S. government later issued a formal apology.

Tibbets again defended the bombing in 1995, when an outcry erupted over a planned 50th anniversary exhibit of the Enola Gay at the Smithsonian Institution.

The museum had planned to mount an exhibit that would have examined the context of the bombing, including the discussion within the Truman administration of whether to use the bomb, the rejection of a demonstration bombing and the selection of the target.

Veterans groups objected, saying the proposed display paid too much attention to Japan's suffering and too little to Japan's brutality during and before World War II, and that it underestimated the number of Americans who would have perished in an invasion.

They said the bombing of Japan was an unmitigated blessing for the United States and the exhibit should say so.

Tibbets denounced it as "a damn big insult."

The museum changed its plan and agreed to display the fuselage of the Enola Gay without commentary, context or analysis.

He told the Dispatch in 2005 that he wanted his ashes scattered over the English Channel, where he loved to fly during the war.

Newhouse, Tibbets' longtime friend, confirmed that Tibbets wanted to be cremated, but he said relatives had not yet determined how he would be laid to rest.


Paul Tibbets in 2003

He slept easy at night?

I don't know, but if I had killed hundreds of thousands of people in an instant and I'm about to meet GOD in person, I would be pretty worried what GOD might think about that...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More BMF Drama...

More "gangsta gangsta" dram, folks.

Check out this article below:


Feds indict 16 members of Black Mafia Family

Feds indict 16 members of Black Mafia Family

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 07/25/07

Federal authorities announced Wednesday their latest blow to a national criminal organization run out of Atlanta and that had sought legitimacy by infiltrating the hip-hop industry here.

The U.S. attorney's office unveiled an indictment of 16 more members of the Black Mafia Family, a now legendary gang that burst on to the Atlanta scene several years ago and whose members, decked out in diamonds, threw extravagant parties in hip-hop clubs.

The group once infamously rented a billboard in Atlanta that said "The World is BMF's."

"The government is one step closer to eradicating one of today's most violent and notorious drug trafficking organizations.," said Special Agent in Charge Rodney G. Benson of the DEA Atlanta office. "The Black Mafia Family wreaked havoc from coast to coast.... Their bold image and in-your-face reputation once propelled them into the media spotlight. Today, we are proud to cast an ominous cloud over this once-thriving criminal network

The indictment charges all defendants with participating in the nationwide cocaine distribution conspiracy, which carries a penalty of between 10 years and life in prison, and up to a $4 million fine.

Federal authorities say the Black Mafia Family engaged in violence and trafficked in thousands of pounds of cocaine the feds estimate they earned $270 million over the years. They also tried to develop a hip-hop label in Atlanta.

The enterprise's leader in Atlanta was Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory while his brother, Terry "Southwest T" Flenory allegedly ran the organization's Los Angeles hub.

The Flenorys went from selling $50 bags of crack in high schools in southwest Detroit in the mid-1980s to masterminding a criminal enterprise operating in 11 states, according to federal authorities. The two men, now in federal custody, were arrested in 2005 with seven associates in the first flurry of indictments for drug trafficking.

"The Black Mafia Family once had billboards towering over Atlanta boldly proclaiming that the world was theirs," U.S. Attorney David Nahmias said Wednesday. "This indictment is a rejection of that claim. First in Detroit and Orlando, and now here, the government is shutting down the BMF's once-flourishing drug empire."

Local law enforcement learned the organization existed after the infamous 2003 double homicide in Club Chaos in Buckhead when hip-hop mogul Sean "P. Diddy" Coombs' associate, Anthony "Wolf" Jones, 38, and Lamont Girdy, 38, were both shot after the club closed at 4 a.m.

Demetrius Flenory was arrested but never indicted in that case.

The shooting prompted the crackdown on bars in Buckhead Village and the Atlanta City Council to shorter bar hours.

Former Fulton prosecutor Rand Csehy, who worked on a state investigation of BMF that started after the Buckhead shooting, said the group was as much myth as fact, but without question was a high-powered, dangerous organization.

"BMF was a legend in their own mind and any type of drug crime was attributed to them, a lot of things they didn't do was dumped on them," Csehy said Wednesday. "But a lot of it was real. They killed, they walked around tough and the hung up billboards. In the end, Demetrius Flenory was caught hiding out ... He was a coward."

The defendants in the new indictment unveiled today are: Lamar Fields, 39, of Atlanta; Victor Hammonds, 42, of Conyers; Franklin Nash, 56, of Decatur; Darryl Taylor, 46, of Stockbridge; Ramon Dobson, 27, of Lithonia; James Mitchell, 38, of East Orange, N.J.; and Dionne Beverly, 35, of Hurricane, W.Va.

Already in custody in other jurisdictions are Fleming Daniels, 34, of Roswell; and Derrek Pitts, 33, of Newark, N.J. In a hearing in Atlanta Wednesday, federal Magistrate Alan Baverman, released Dobson and Nash on $25,000 bond and detained Taylor. Hammonds and Fields have a hearing scheduled for Friday.

Federal authorities are still searching for several associates whose names were blacked out on the indictment.



Here's something to learn from:


Jacob the Jeweler changes his plea...

Here's more stuff on "The Black Mafia Family Drama" that has come to my attention.

"Hip Hop Jeweler" Jacob Arabo (a.k.a. "Jacob the Jeweler", born Jakov Arabov), will reportedly plead guilty next week to lying to federal agents.

Here's the entire article below:


New York based jeweler Jacob Arabov, well known in the hip hop community as Jacob The Jeweler, will reportedly plead guilty next week to lying to federal agents .

Jacob was indicted in Detroit last year for allegedly helping the Black Mafia Family (BMF), an Atlanta based gang, launder over $270 million in drug money. He plead not guilty to the charges.

Black Mafia Family was formed by Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory and his brother Terry "Southwest T" Flenory", who both hail from Detroit.

The gang was infamous in the Atlanta area for their lavish lifestyle and was well known in the hip-hop community for their alignment with rappers like Young Jeezy and Fabolous.

The Flenorys were indicted and arrested on drug trafficking charges in 2005.

According to The Detroit Free Press, the U.S. Attorney's Office 'filed a so-called criminal information' against Jacob today (October 26) charging him with 'falsifying federal records and making false statements to agents'.

Benjamin Brafman, Jacob's lawyer, said his client is an ‘honest citizen who used bad judgment in an attempt to conceal dealings with a small group of individuals'.

Brafman also added that Jacob has accepted responsibility for his actions and hopes the judge will take his charitable efforts and business success into account during sentencing.

"I have always been blessed with good fortune and loving friends and family," Jacob said in a statement. "I realize I have made a terrible mistake and I am ready to accept the consequences of my actions... My desire is to do whatever I can to atone for my wrongdoings and move ahead with the great business I have built and the wonderful family that I love."

If a U.S. district judge agrees to the ‘criminal information filing', Jacob would be sentenced next year and could face up to three years behind bars and a $2 million penalty.

Earlier this month, Black Mafia Family affiliate and rapper Blue DaVinci was indicted for participating in the distribution of multiple kilos of cocaine worldwide'

Bleu Davinci was the only artist on BMF's record label, BMF Entertainment, and took over the label's reigns after Big Meech was sent to jail. Feds believe that the record label was a front for BMF's cocaine trafficking.


Jacob Arabo aka "Jacob the Jeweler"

"Hip Hop" Jeweler

I guess his business is in the toilet now...

American Gangster: Black Mafia Family, Pt. 2...

Here's Part 2 of the S.M.A.C.K. DVD Magazine segment that was basically the reason that The Feds went after them so hard in later years.

You can't brag on how much you have when what you have was paid for by crack.

Since then, Jacob the Jeweler, the so-called "Hip Hop Jeweler" was arrested on money-laundering charges.

Bleu DaVinci
, BMF Entertainment's (The Black Mafia Family's rap label) only rapper, was recently arrested for participating in the distribution of multiple kilos of cocaine worldwide.

I know there's a "Stop Snitchin' " campaign, but when will people learn not to "snitch" on themselves?

American Gangster: Black Mafia Family, Pt. 1...

This is American Gangster for real.

For the last few years, The Black Mafia Family, founded by Detroit native Demetrius "Meech" Flenory and his brother, Terry "Southwest T," have been at the mercy of The Feds for making some $270,000,000.00 over a 25 year period through drug sales.

Here's Part 1 of The S.M.A.C.K. DVD Magazine interview that was their downfall.

Words of advice:

If you know that you're doing dirt, DON'T ADVERTISE IT ON A DVD!

That's also what got The Chamber Brothers nailed as well.