Saturday, June 21, 2008

You never were a nigger...

This is deep... and true.

Check it out:

I love being positive...

Monday, June 16, 2008

How STUPID can you be...

This is crazy!!!

How in Hell are you gonna rap about dealing coke (you being the "snowman" after all) and then get implicated by a snitch on how you dealt a few kilos with The Black Mafia Family (BMF)?

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'Snowman' Rapper Unsurprisingly Implicated In Cocaine Ring


Might as well go for a music star crime news two-fer this afternoon: Atlanta rap star Young Jeezy has been implicated in a major cocaine-dealing trial. A witness testifying in a case against members of Black Mafia Family—a massive Atlanta drug gang that moved hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of coke across the country—said that Jeezy bought several kilos of coke from BMF. Well, duh. Jeezy's nickname is "Snowman":

Simms testified that his job was to unload BMF's cocaine from limos outfitted with secret compartments. He said he piled as many as 100 "bricks" of cocaine at a time inside the basement of one of BMF's stash houses, an ultra-modern Buckhead mansion nicknamed "Space Mountain." And he said that on one occasion, in the fall of 2004, he was ordered by high-ranking BMF members Chad "J-Bo" Brown and Martez "Tito" Byrth to set aside multi-kilo cocaine "shipments" for two customers. Simms said the customers picked up the coke from him at Space Mountain.

When asked by assistant U.S. Attorney Robert McBurney who the customers were, Simms gave two names: William "Doc" Marshall, a high-level BMF co-conspirator who testified earlier in the trial, and "Jeezy."

"Young Jeezy the rapper?" McBurney asked.

"Yes," Simms answered.

Less than surprising. But this could really put a cramp in Jeezy's brand new social networking site. On the site right now:

Quote of the Day:

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.

David Brinkley


Now enjoy this Jeezy coke rap song. He wasn't kidding, yall.

Beware of inappropriate language!!



The Feds are watching and LISTENING!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

R. Kelly is AQUITTED!!


I just have one thing to say about R. Kelly and his court case:

Robert, no matter what you say or do from this point forward, ENJOY YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!

Robert Sylvester Kelly

A "Free" Man

You know why?

Because you sold your soul for that verdict, and The Devil has the receipt FOR YOUR ASS!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Illusion of Race...

Check out this vid on Youtube.

It speaks the truth, so if you're afraid of truth, DON'T READ THIS POST!!

The truth DOES hurt, but only if you're not used to it or fail to accept it!!