Thursday, September 29, 2005

Check this out...

I got this info off another blog. Go to the Google website, , then type in "failure."

After that, click on "I'm Feeling Lucky" and see what happens.

You may, or may not be surprised...

Blog Spammers...

Recently, there has been a rash of spammers on the blogsphere. I've been hit with a few, myself.

Words of advice: Don't leave a comment if you're trying to sell and/or promote a website.

It's a watse of time and I'm not going to check it out, no matter how well you flatter me about my posts.


Monday, September 26, 2005

Reality Shows SUCK too!

It seems that Hollywood is trying to save some money by having all of these reality shows on TV.

I mean, the "Original Real World" was cool... back in 1990! Hollywood is just taking it too far. You might as well call Fox TV "Reality TV," because that's all that's on there. The only reason I even watch Fox now is because of "24" and "House."

And then some of these people are famous BECAUSE they're Reality Show Stars. And no matter how successful you were in your "former" job, everybody can now see you on every other channel as a loser or a drunk or a b*tch.

Can anyone say, "Omarosa?"

Wrestling SUCKS!

Bill Goldberg, the last exciting thing that happened in Pro Wrestling.

Ever since Vince McMahon bought Ted Turner's WCW, "Pro" Wresting has never been the same. I grew up w/ "wraslin' " when I was a kid, and this new crap makes me sick!


On the rare occasion that I flip through it, they might have ONE match in the FIRST HOUR! Back in the day you would see at least four, if not five matches in an hour.

And the wresting show was JUST an hour then.

Also, is anyone tired of Hulk Hogan yet? I was... 20 YEARS AGO! Just retire already, Hulkster! Even my boy, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair has shown that staying in the game at his age may not be a good idea. Especially when you remember Ric wrestling back in the day. And the new guys just don't have the flair of wrestlers from "the good ol' days." Ever since Vince McMahon screwed over Bill Goldberg, wrestling has really sucked!


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Gangsta" Documentaries...

Ride or die, Beiotch!!

I've been watching alot of what I call "Gangsta" docs lately. No, I don't mean "GangSTER" as in mafia, I mean "GangSTA" as in Black criminals. Many are interesting and informative. Some of the one's I've seen are:

a) Infamous Times: The Original 50 Cent (Yes, there was a "50 Cent" before the rapper.)
b) Rayful Edmonds, III: The Rise & Fall
c) Game Over: AZ, Rich Porter, & Alpo
d) The Guy Fisher Story

All of these guys were major drug dealers (Except for 50 Cent. He was mainly a "Stick-up" kid & killer.) and the docs shows their rise to "stardom" and their, in most cases, deadly fall.

They were done just like a doc should be, though probably on a budget, which brings out the reality to them. They turned out pretty good, even though some of them tried to make excuses for them on why they did what they did.

Believe it or not, the docs aren't too biased towards the subjects in question. You do however, have the people who knew these people saying how nice and sweet they were and how they had a big heart and were really sensitive. I guess that's expected.

Too bad they didn't show their "sensitive side" to their victims.

First Katrina, then Orphelia, & now Rita? DAMN!


With all of this hurricane activity lately, it's a wonder that we can keep track of all the damage to "The Big Easy." You think someone "Upstairs" (i.e. GOD) is trying to tell us something?

Or maybe He's trying to tell Dubya & his people something?


Things are FINALLY working out...

Been busy as Hell this past week, tryin' to "make that money."

After a major personal drought, things are FINALLY back on track and on the freakin' move. Hopefully, by early next year I can finally start shooting some film shorts to sharpen my skills as an Indie Filmmaker. I also plan to take my TV show, "MY OPINION... by: Ken B.", to the next level as well.


Monday, September 12, 2005

9/11 & Katrina...

With all that was going on lately, I almost forgot about "9/11."

Everyone knows that "9/11" was a tragedy and will always remain so, but "Katrina" is TRULY a beiotch!

Sept. 11th also marked my anniversary of living in G'boro and I almost forgot that, too.

Too much stuff to deal with.


We must never forget the TWIN tradegies of "9/11" and "Hurricane Katrina" and those people that survived them.

P.S.: The assh*les in the media need to stop calling the people of "The Big Easy" "refugees." THEY ARE SURVIVORS!! And not the one on Fox!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Damn, Lil' Jon...

Even a big-time rapper can get dissed on live TV. Check out this link to a clip from The VMA, I believe.

Damn, oh well...

Monday, September 05, 2005

Dubya & Katrina...

Hurricane Katrina's wrath in "The Big Easy" is still being felt as I write this. Unfortunately, Dubya DIDN'T BOTHER to comfort any of the victim's there. He spent less than a half hour in N.O., and most of that was by air as he flew over the disaster area. It didn't stop him from visiting Mississippi or from FLYING OVER & BYPASSING New Orleans and comforting people in Alabama!

Ain't THAT a trip?!

And when someone comments on Dubya's mishandling of this crisis (He was on vacation and didn't go back to The White House until THREE DAYS LATER!), THEY GET CENSORED!!

No Dubya, you're NOT doing a good job!

Kanye West comments on Dubya was CUT OUT so that people on The West Coast couldn't hear what he had to say about Bush's attitude towards Black folks in N.O.

See what Kanye REALLY said in it's entirety here:

Notice how they cut to Chris Tucker REAL QUICK? They didn't want Kanye to continue with what he had to say! That's why Chris was unprepared and caught off-guard when the cameras were switched to him.

Race and class are becoming more and more apparent in this situation, even in this time of tragedy.

When will people f*ckin' learn...

Happy Labor Day...

I hope everyone had a happy & healthy Labor Day. I did nothing but cook out and eat.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

This is bullsh#t!

CNN Anchor Jack Cafferty: A brave man.

I was watching the news (CNN) on the tragedy in "The Big Easy" today when CNN Anchor Jack Cafferty brought up a point many news media folks didn't want to touch. He even described it as "the elephant in the room."

Race & Class...

He was brave enough to bring up the point that maybe the reason that help was real slow in coming was because the majority of people suffering in N.O. are poor Black folks.

People who were living in the 'jects and working-class folks who simply COULDN'T leave the city for one reason or another. People are being turned away from Houston as we speak and many more have NOWHERE ELSE TO GO! If that's the case, then God is going to have a talk with ALOT of folks who could have helped sooner.

The situation down there is grim (that's an understatement). People, young & old, are dying in front of their loved ones. And they can't even bury them. They simply put a blanket over them and dump them in a corner somewhere.

That's no bullsh#t, either.

Dubya took his damn time in coming off his "vacation" while idiots are shooting at innocent hospital folks and traitorous gangs are taking brutal and evil advantage of this sad situation.

TPTB (The Powers That Be) are letting this get OUT OF CONTROL!!



Racist Media...

Sorry Bastards...

Even in a time of tragedy, the racist media is STILL hard at work. This lil' tidbit was given to me by Jenea, one of my friends.

This is Jenea and yeah, she's fine.

Her Myspace Page is located @:

These are HER words, so don't hate:


Date: Sep 1, 2005 12:09 AM

Subject: racist media

Body: I think it's funny how the media tries take the same situation and twist the info to make better news....

White people "find" things:

Black people "loot" things:

(Looks like the same kind of picture to me!, Ken B.)

This is one of the most vile, racist pieces of reporting I've seen in a long time.....PLEASE RE-POST this and let people know that the media in this country is not trustworthy or honest.


The more things change, the more they stay the same...

That ain't right...

Something happened recently that I knew in time would happen...

The Greensboro City Council has agreed to pay almost HALF-A-MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR ($400,000.00 to be exact) for a "Center City Park" that WE (meaning the people of Greensboro) DON'T OWN!

That's just PLAIN WRONG!!

I knew that the PRIVATE OWNERSHIP behind "The Center City Park" would get us to pay for something that is essentially PRIVATE PROPERTY. The city can't even tell them how to spend the money!

Isn't that a f#ckin' trip!

One member of The City Council, such as Councilwoman Sandy Carmany agrees with the payout (her blog about the issue is here: and I disagree with her views on this.

Here's a comment I made in reference to The City Council's decision:


<<<>, Ken B. said...
With all due respect Councilwoman Carmany, the city shouldn't pay ONE THIN DIME to upkeep something that is PRIVATE PROPERTY. I was against this park from the beginning (but not downtown growth in general), precisely because I knew the city (i.e. taxpayers, i.e. ME!) would eventually wind up paying for this small piece of square greenery where downtown residents' pets use for a toilet. That's not right... >>>

Here's her response to my comment:

<<<>, Sandy Carmany said...
Thanks for sharing your viewpoint, Ken. I respect it, and hope that you respect mine. >>>



That's ALL you have to say?

You can go to the link to her site that I provided above to see for yourself.

I hope you come up with something better before the election, Sandy...