Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Real Sex in "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?"

When I first read this, I really didn't believe it. Sure, the game has it where you can have a hooker enter your car, you park in a secluded place, and the car rocks back and forth. She gets out w/ her money, and then you beat the crap out of her for ALL her money (Hey, I didn't make the game!).

But real, porno-type sex?

No way!


It seems that Rockstar, the company that makes GTA, tried to make it seem that it was hackers who put the sex in the game before coming out and admitting that IT WAS THEM that did it. The game has now been rated "adult" because of this new info.

Here's the original link that I read it in:

Read the article below and tell me what you think.
And no, I haven't found the code that unlocks the sex scenes...


Senators fight hidden sex in 'Grand Theft Auto'

By Brooks Boliek

WASHINGTON (Hollywood Reporter) -

Two high-profile U.S. senators, Joseph Lieberman and Hillary Rodham Clinton, are incensed over pornographic content "hidden" in the popular video game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," and are demanding action from either the government or the game's maker.

The content can be unlocked by using the "Hot Coffee" code modification widely available on the Internet. By installing the modification, gamers can have their drivers find different girlfriends in the game who will have a "cup of hot coffee" -- a euphemism for sex -- with them.

A spokesman for the game's maker, Rockstar Games Inc., said the "Hot Coffee" modification was the unauthorized work of people in the "modder community" -- the group of intense gamers who often add content to games.

Lieberman (D-Conn.) asked Rockstar president Sam Houser to submit the game to independent analysts to determine how the content was put in.
"I am asking you to bring this matter to light and resolve this serious controversy by voluntarily submitting your game to independent concerned and responsible parties for such technical analysis," Lieberman wrote in a letter to Houser.
Rockstar spokesman Rodney Walker said the company was confident that it had done nothing wrong and would be exonerated by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, which is investigating the incident.

Clinton (D-N.Y.), meanwhile, said she will introduce legislation to help keep inappropriate video games out of the hands of children, and has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the "Grand Theft Auto" game.
Her legislative proposal would institute a financial penalty for retailers who fail to enforce the video manufacturers voluntary ratings system rules. It would prohibit the sale of violent and sexually explicit video games to minors and put in place a $5,000 penalty for those who violate the law.

"The disturbing material in 'Grand Theft Auto' and other games like it is stealing the innocence of our children, and it's making the difficult job of being a parent even harder," Clinton said.
In calling for the FTC to launch an investigation, Clinton urged the commission to determine whether an AO rating (adults only) is more appropriate than the current M rating (mature) for the video game given this new sexually explicit content. She also requested that the FTC examine the adequacy of retailers' rating-enforcement policies.

Bo Andersen, president of the Video Software Dealers Assn., said Clinton's action went way too far.
"Sen. Clinton is a fine lawyer and undoubtedly knows that her proposal is unconstitutional," he said in a statement. "The senator's proposal is politically savvy but will do nothing to help parents make informed choices about the video games their children play. In fact, by turning the voluntary video game ratings system into a cudgel of government censorship, Sen. Clinton's proposal ironically would likely lead to the abandonment of the ratings system."


IMHO, they f*cked up when they did that. If it was some sex scenes in the game, who do you think would have found it?
These kids today can do almost anything w/ a PC & an imagination.

And they should have said that it was some sex in it. It still would have sold (maybe even better than before) and they wouldn't have made it an issue on Capital Hill. You know that they LOOOVE dealing w/ this kind of stuff instead of the "real" stuff like, The Iraq War, Social Security, Healthcare, etc...

I wonder how all of this will turn out?

By the way, do you want some "hot coffee?"

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

bin laden & poisoned cocaine?...

'Sup, y'all. I got this off the web from various new sources. At first, I thought it was bogus, but they're repoting it like it's true.

Check it out.


Osama bin Laden tried to buy a massive amount of cocaine, spike it with poison and sell it in the United States, hoping to kill thousands of Americans one year after the 9/11 attacks, The Post has learned.

The evil plot failed when the Colombian drug lords bin Laden approached decided it would be bad for their business - and, possibly, for their own health, according to law-enforcement sources familiar with the Drug Enforcement Administration's probe of the aborted transaction. The feds were told of the scheme earlier this year, but its existence had never been made public. The Post has reviewed a document detailing the DEA's findings in the matter, in addition to interviewing sources familiar with the case.

Sources said the feds were told that bin Laden personally met with leaders of a Colombian drug cartel to in 2002 to negotiate the purchase of tons of cocaine, saying that he was willing to spend tens of millions of dollars to finance the deal.
It was not clear where the meeting took place.
Bin Laden hoped that large numbers of Americans dying from poisoned coke would lead to widespread terror.
"They wanted to kill thousands or people — more than the World Trade Center," said a source.

Although the drug lords would have reaped millions of dollars in profits by selling the cocaine to bin Laden, they knew that if his plan succeeded it might effectively destroy the market for their coke in America for years, sources said.
But that was only one reason they declined bin Laden's offer.
The other was their fear of retaliation from the U.S. government once its citizens started to die from the drugs, according to sources.

Despite bin Laden's plan being thwarted, the DEA believes that al Qaeda continues to this day to traffic in drugs to fund a variety of its operations — including training, traveling and terror attacks.

In 2002, then-DEA Director Asa Hutchinson said, "The DEA [has] received multi-source information that Osama bin Laden himself has been involved in the financing and facilitation of heroin-trafficking activities."

"It is important we recognize that when money goes from the pocket of an American to buy drugs, it may contribute to the financing of unspeakable crimes of violence around the world," Hutchinson told Congress that year when he detailed the narcotics trade connection to al Qaeda and other terror groups.
In April of this year, Afghan tribal leader Hajji Bashir Noorzai, who was one of the most wanted drug dealers in the world and previously had been identified as bin Laden's major heroin supplier, was busted in New York City on federal criminal charges.

It's a trip, isn't it? Not that you need to poison coke to screw people up. It does that all by itself. So if you snort or smoke,


Hustle & Flow: The Review...

Before I saw this move, I went w/ a tremendous amount of trepidation. I thought, "Here we go, another pimp movie," with all the of stuff that brings w/ it. You know, the purple outfits, the bently, etc., etc...

Hustle & Flow was far from that.

The movie is basically about D-Jay (Brilliantly played by Terrence Howard), a low-level, down-and-out pimp who has, for lack of a better term, a mid-life crisis. He has a stable three strong of "ho's." There's Nola (Taryn Manning), the White hooker who he pimps the most and in the end, enjoys the most success (watch the movie to see what I mean). Then there's Lex (Paula Jai Parker), the smart-ass who he's pimpin' at the local strip club. Last, there's Shug (Taraji P. Henson), the pregnant hooker w/ "a heart of gold."

While "doin' his thang" he meets up w/ a childhood friend, Clyde (played by Anthony Anderson, who kicked ass as brutal drug-lord Antwon Mitchell on "The Shield") who's a sound engineer. Clyde brings in Shelby (D.J. Qualls from "The Core.") the beatmaster, and they start making music. With appearances from "ol' school" Isaac Hayes, Ludacris, Big Paul ( 3-6 Mafia), and the beautiful Elise Neal to round out the cast, Hustle & Flow was not what I expected.

It was an excellent movie.

I'm not going to tell you all that happened or the ending because I think that you really oughta see this movie. It's not stereo-typical at all. In fact, part of the time I was watching the flick I was like, "Is this guy really a pimp?" There were no loud, colorful outfits, no bentlys, no "bling-Bling," no "Player's Ball," and they (D-Jay & his stable) lived in a crappy house in a bad part of Memphis, TN. It showed the lower aspects of "The Pimp Game" was real gritty.

D-Jay was pimpin' and selling weed, but he still couldn't make ends meet, believe it or not. And everyone had a story and a dream of their own. Ii wasn't just about D-Jay and his "rap dream," but about everybody's dream to be more than what they are. That's probably the most important part of the film. If you can relate to that, you'll love this movie. The story has a feel similar to the screenplays I write, being that it doesn't glamorize "the street hustle," nor does it seek to judge it either.

What's more amazing is that this movie wasn't written by a Black guy. The writer/director Craig Brewer, is a White guy who used to work strip clubs in Memphis w/ his wife, a former exotic dancer. He wrote it from the POV he had w/ the people he and his wife associated w/ during their time in the strip clubs.

I have an article posted about Craig and "the hustle" it took to get this film on "The Silver Screen" @ my CAFA Yahoo group.

The movie was self-financed in the true indie tradition by John Singleton (The budget was $3,000,000.00) and the domestic distribution rights were sold for a record $9,000,000.00 at Sundance (already making 3 x what it cost to produce).

It grossed approximately $8,100,000.00 on 1,000 screens over the weekend (#7 out of the "top ten" this weekend), insuring that it will make a profit for MTV Films & Paramount Studio.

Just goes to show that a great story can be written by anyone from any perspective.

I walked away from this flick like, "I wouldn't mind buying the DVD and adding it to my permanent collection."

On a scale of "1-to-10," I give it an "8." Go see this movie, you won't regret it.

Jackass of the Month: El Presidente` Fox...

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know it's late (or early, depending on your perspective), but I had to get this off my chest. Mexican President Vicente Fox is a JACKASS!! And I'm being nice! He's really a stupid f#ck!! He said alittle while back that The USA should give legal status to illegal immigrants from his country because they would do the jobs that Black people won't even do.

Here are some link so you'll know what I'm talking about:

First of all, why didn't you mention White folks, or any other ethnic group in America, stupid? This isn't a majority Black country. Why were WE singled out? Don't get mad at us if Black folks in America can't afford to work a job that normally pays $10.00 - $12.00 an hour for $4.00 - $5.00 an hour! We have rent, car payments, insurance, taxes to pay!! Let me get this thru to you and anybody else that may agree w/ you:


We don't act like immigrants because many of us (myself included) can trace our family tree back 5, 6, & even 7 generations in America!


Let me ask you (the readers) something...

If you were the president of a country and many of your OWN PEOPLE are leaving in droves to go to a foreign country that will treat them like sh#t, would you encourage your own people to flee their homeland? I mean, really.

Then he reintroduces a racist icon on a stamp (A Sambo-like figure. I won't give it the dignity of posting the pic on my blog. Mexico isn't alone in this regard. Many Latin countries as well as Japan do the same thing.) that he says, "Brings back childhood memories."

I bet it did, JACKASS!!

Here's some advice, Fox:

First of all, stop all of those cocaine-dealing cartels in your country from bringing in the dope. (How many times have you heard of a big drug bust around here? ALOT! Hell, one major bust happened alittle while ago.)

Second, stop the human trafficking of cheap prostitutes here. You're degrading your own women by allowing it.

Third, fix your economy & society, so your own people wouldn't flee your country to come here for a better job and life.

Fourth, secure your side of the border. (America in all honsety, needs to do the same thing.)

Fifth, treat the Black folks in your own country w/ more respect. (Once again, America needs to do the same thing.) There is such a thing as Black Latinos ya know, who love Spanish culture as much as Blacks in America love its culture (but not the racism).

Sixth, take care of your own damn business before you talk about ours!! If Mexico was so great, you wouldn't have people risking their lives to come OVER HERE!!

In conclusion, for being such an ignorant person, I, Ken B., grant you the title of "Jackass of the Month."


Monday, July 25, 2005

Carolina Arts & Film Association: CAFA

Hey, y'all. CAFA is a group I founded back in February of last year. One of the main purposes for CAFA is to get people who are interested in film to work BEHIND the camera. It's for thespians too, but you can have the best actors in the world and it wouldn't do any good w/o people behind the scenes to work the equipement.

Here's the link, which is also on my front page:

When I can get some space to use (soon, hopefully), I'll start having meeting (once every two weeks to start) so film people in The Triad can get together and such.

So stop by my Yahoo Group and check it out.

Lil' Kim being someone she's not...

Sorry, baby. You're not Pamela Anderson and you're not white. Now, anybody has the right to be and look like what they wanna be, but at least be proud of your real self. Take that damn wig off! It would be different if you were acting in a movie w/ that stuff on, but YOU'RE NOT!

Lil' Kim AFTER Plastic Surgery...

Damn, girl! Why did you mess up your face? You were beautiful the way you looked before. And you didn't need implants. You had a tight lil' body.


Lil' Kim BEFORE the Plastic Surgery...

Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! Doesn't she look so much better the way she looked before? Sure, she still had the skimpy outfits, but she knew who she was.

You go, girl!!

Dumbass of the Week: Kimberly "Lil' Kim" Jones

The After Photo: The Real Lil' Kim, sans fake eye contacts and blonde wig. I used to love the way she USED to look back in the day when Biggie was alive. Oh, well...

WTF happened w/ Lil' Kim? With all of the money she's supposedly making, why couldn't she get better legal advice? If the Feds have video tape of what went down, why would you be dumb enought TO LIE ABOUT IT? All she had to do was SHUT THE F#CK UP and DON'T SAY SH#T! You ever heard of the Fifth Amendment?! You have the right to REMAIN SILENT! Just keep quiet and let your lawyer do all of the talking. Now you're mad at Lil' Cease and the rest of them for telling the truth?


They weren't snitching! They were only telling The Feds what they already knew from watching the video! They're not going to jail over you! Not over some bullsh*t they didn't start!

C'mon, baby!

Personally, I don't think you should go to prison. After all, YOU didn't pull the trigger. They're sending you to prison for the same reason that they did Martha Stewart:


That was your biggest mistake. Now, I know some people think it's unfair that Lil' Kim is going to prison to do more time than Martha. But really, Martha Stewart lied about stock options (Which later proved to be a mistake. Had she kept the stock, she would have made a KILLING. Figuratively speaking, of course.), not about a shootout where people could have gotten hurt or killed.

And over some bullsh*t rapper beef, too. When are some of these rappers gonna learn that life isn't like a rap video? You may have money, but where's your power?

I know Foxy Brown is glad that she didn't get caught up in the legal system like Kim. Here are some links to some new dealing with "The Notorious K.I.M.":

News of her sentence:*-http%3A//§ion=news&src=rss/uk/entertainmentNews

A link to her newly-released single talking junk about the people who testified against her. A word of advice: Give it a rest, baby.*-http%3A//

Some info on her ex-boyfriend, who may join her in prison.

Damn, baby! I never thought you would go to prison.

Be safe, Kimberly Jones. I still love your music.

S.S.D.D.: Same Sh#t, Different Day...

Hey, folks. Have you ever on occassion felt like Life's "One Big Merry-Go-Round? That sometimes you seem like you're going in circles? And that the same stuff keeps happening, but it's just a different day?

If you've had that happen to you, read on...


Ever have one of those days that you see and/or go through the same bullsh#t, but it's just a different day? Maybe I'm getting old, but DAMN!! You would figure that some people would learn after going through some sh#t that maybe, MAYBE you shouldn't do what you've been doing time and time again? And then you wonder why you get hurt.

For exanple, I know this girl that's on her 3rd child. She keeps bitching about the various fathers of her kids saying, "They're worthless!" or, "They ain't sh*t!" Well, they weren't sh*t when you were F#CKING THEM! Why should it be any different now that you're pregnant?

Also, there's this guy I know that keeps getting turned down for jobs. I asked why and he said it's because he keeps failing the drug test. Now, I don't do drugs myself (weed included), but if you KNOW that you're going in for a drug test, why are you smoking weed the DAY BEFORE?

C'mon, man!

Then there's this other girl that keeps complaining about her weight, saying that she's fat and unattractive (actually she's really cute, especially in the face). I suggested that she stop munching on Twinkies and cake all the time (in a nice way, of course), go on a diet and exercise, and she GETS MAD! It's not like I said she was ugly or anything or was being rude or insulting!

If you don't want the truth, don't talk to me!

I don't know, maybe it's just me...

The Tale of The Two Mikes: "Thriller" Mike & "Iron" Mike...

This post, originally on my site, is the one where the subjects are really disappointing. Both of these men had great potential, but blew it for various reasons. Both were young, rich, and talented in their field of endeavor, but in the end wound up like cartoon characters on "The Cartoon Network."

Read on...


Before I begin, I gotta give "full disclosure." I'm Black. So is Michael Jackson (I think) and Mike Tyson. Now that's out of the way: WTF IS GOIN' ON????!!!! First, the so-called "Iron" Mike straight up punks out of the fight against a no-name fighter, then Michael Jackson is acquitted on EVERY SINGLE COUNT!

Now, I remember Michael Jackson when he was Black and I loved his music, but you know what Mike? GROW THE F#CK UP & STOP HANGIN' W/ ANYONE WHO'S UNDER LEGAL AGE! I didn't have my own private zoo or a damn amusement park in my back yard, but do you hear me bitchin' about it? F#ck no! Hey, I know that "Papa Joe" was an assh@le, but so was my "ol' man" (I won't give him the dignity of naming him, but his initials are FH) and it didn't make me crazy or crave for the company of young boys!

Boo-F#ckin'-Hooo, Mike!!

If you're gay Mike, then COME OUT OF THE F#CKIN' CLOSET & GET A GROWN MAN! You may not have screwed around w/ the boys presented @ this particular trial, but you DID do something (IMHO) w/ those kids you settled with years ago! I know this: If I had kids (someday) and if they had even HINTED @ you touching them, you would've been ONE DEAD N*GGA! (I can say that because I'm Black)

Now for "Aluminum" Mike Tyson. Mike, WTF were you thinkin'??!! You were winning the damn fight YOU F#CKIN' IDIOT!! All of the sh#t-talkin', all of the knockouts, all of the bizarre & crazy antics, and you QUIT against some no-name, no-talent fighter because u were SCARED?! Get you ass back in the ring and fight, damnit!! You're "Iron" Mike Tyson! You're not supposed to b afraid of ANYONE this side of "The Creator" Himself!! Even if you lose, lose w/ dignity!


You went thru almost 1/2 a billion dollars in 20 years ($400,000,000.00 CASH to be exact), and you don't have sh#t to show for it, except a f#cked-up face tatoo! I hope you're proud of yourself. Instead of training and getting back "The Eye of the Tiger" like Rocky did, you start crying like a baby and REFUSED to come out of the corner. And to imagine you received $5 million dollars for that bullsh*t fiasco (Which will be only $5.48 when the Gov't is done taking out all of the taxes you owe.).

You can't live off your "fearsome" reputation (That's a laugh!) forever. You have to "put up, or shut the f*ck up!" You would make a decent bouncer for a nightclub, but that's it now. Even Riddick Bowe in his current shape would have put up a better fight than you did! You let alot of people down Mike, including yourself. I hope you're proud of yourself, bub. IMHO, you were done 15 years ago when Buster Douglas whipped your ass, even you know that now.

In conclusion, The Two Mikes need to just retire from public view so we can forget about them. It's kinda f*cked up, too. I really liked Michael's music, even his disco album "Off the Wall" back in the day...


Rant over, for now...

Sunday, July 24, 2005

God, Women, & Pleasure...

Hey, peeps. Yet another little diddy from my private Myspace blog. I think you'll enjoy it, unless you're a sexually-repressed adult who thinks Spongebob Squarepants and The Tellitubbies are having a Roman orgy in Bikini Bottom. (Leave Spongebob alone, you bastards!!). I cleaned it up some and expanded it abit, so read on and enjoy!

I know that this may seem weird coming from a guy, but oh, well...

I was at a club in G'boro recently and I got into a conversation w/ a female friend or mine about sex (of course.). She was talking about a friend of hers who was an escort and how the escort's client (after he was finished, of course) told the escort that she was going to Hell for what's she's doing. When she said that, I was like, "That's f#cked up! Right after he's done having sex w/ her, and all. And where was he supposed to be going? Heaven?"

Now, I'm not hear to judge the escort or the client, but isn't it just a tiny bit hypocritical how her client would tell her some mess like that? I don't believe that anyone's going to Hell except for the most heinous, most evil and diabolical acts. And that applies towards anyone, be it porn stars, escorts, consenting adults, or some horny teens "rollin' in the hay." Since we were talking about Heaven, Hell, and God she asked me if any of us or anyone else would go to Hell for having sex before marriage? Or going to Hell for having sex for pleasure instead of procreation? I was like, "Hell no!" (Pun Intended) God knew what he was doing when he made the penis, vagina, and clitoris. (I know I've said this a million times, but some people are hard-headed.)

In fact, I asked her a simple question:
What use and/or purpose does the clitoris have on a woman?
Does it make a woman pregnant?
Does it help her urinate?


The only purpose for the clit is for SHEER PERSONAL PLEASURE! That's it's only purpose! A penis is used for impregnating a woman and to exit liquid waste from a man's body, a true multi-tasking tool! LOL! But the clitoris is only there for the woman's pleasure, so she can get off. THAT'S IT'S SOLE FUNCTION!! (Lucky women!) That's why you have some people in Third World countries that actually cut the clitoris off the woman (no joke!), usually when the woman is in her teens. As disgusting and barbaric as that sounds, it's the God's Honest Truth. It's all about control or rather, taking control away from the woman.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: "God knew how the equipment worked before he built and installed it."
Tight-ass people just need to get over it.

Sermon over, for now...

Have plenty of SEX and enjoy it!!

Whatzup, y'all! Here's one of my favorite musings off my private Myspace blog. It's about what everyone's thinking about and/or doing: S-E-X. It kills me how some people think it's cool to kill thousands of people over anything they want (be it oil, personal power, or whatever...), but it's downright immoral for you to have an active sex life. You ever wonder why the divorce rate is so high? Maybe it's because society teaches our daughters that "Sex is bad!" for their entire lives, up until they're married, and then tells them that they CAN'T ENJOY IT!


What would you do if somebody you love or care about told you (since you were a kid) that something was bad and immoral, then tells you now it's OK? You probablu still have some emotional baggage to deal with. Is it a wonder why so many former Catholics "go wild and crazy" once they step out of the church's doctrine?

Think about it...


Why don't some people enjoy sex? I mean really, it feels GREAT!! And it's awesome if you're making love to that special someone. (Sorry for getting alittle sensitive, guys.) There are some sexually-repressed people in the world that feel sex is "immoral" or "dirty." (Though it CAN get "dirty" if ya wanna! )

They're dead wrong.

They probably either have no sex life at all or someone isn't "doing it" right and the person derives no joy or pleasure from it. (Why else do you think that young men in their teens and early 20's are killing themselves in suicide bombing attacks? It's not because of their ideology, it's because of the LACK OF SEX!) These types of people (and we've all met them) are always saying that God is against sex, unless it's for procreation purposes ONLY!

I say, "Bullsh*t!"

God created "Man" and He created "Woman," that means He also created the PENIS and the VAGINA & CLITORIS! These things aren't something Satan placed on "Man" when God turned His back, or was on break. God KNEW that we would derive pleasure from sex. After all, He made the "equipment" so He knew how it would work.

And God is perfect after all, soooo...

Sex is a wonderful and fulfilling activity which should be enjoyed to its fullest. Just remember that in this day and age to use protection and you'll be straight. And to those people who think that sex is evil, bad, immoral, or whatever, do this: get a room/suite in a nice hotel for the weekend, get some roses to pretty up the place and atmosphere, some candy to "sweeten" up the mood, close and lock the door, then F#CK LIKE HELL for the entire weekend!! And stay out of other people's sex lives while your at it, too! Damn, I'm gettin' horny...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Cellphones: Yeah, I f#ckin' hear ya already!!

Here's something that I believe everyone can feel me on. This little diddy was on my Myspace blog and I'm switching it over to my public one.

Read on...

I was standing in the line at the grocery store the other day and I was assaulted by not one, not two, but three people talking on their cellphone within 3 ft. of me... LOUDLY! I don't know about anyone else, but isn't the purpose of a cellphone is to have a PRIVATE conversation? I don't want to know how Johnny slept w/ your girl! I don't want to know that your "baby daddy" ain't sh*t! I don't care that your husband doesn't feel you're attractive anymore!


If your around alot of people, I know you don't want everybody in your business, so please don't include me in yours. Am I the only one who thinks this way?

Strip Clubs, Politics, & Bullsh#t...

Hey, folks. This is a piece that I originally posted on my Myspace page back in May of this year. Since you have to be a member of to use it, I decided to repost it here for the general blog public who may not have or use Many of my posts are subjects that I've talked about on my TV show, "MY OPINION... by: Ken B.", on Cable 8 (public access in Greensboro, NC). I changed it around, added some new stuff, and edited portions of it for public consumption, but the gist of the post is intact.

Check it out.

The "adult" business in NC is a trip! Nowhere else do u have an abundance of "adult-oriented" businesses w/ a large and loyal customer base in a so-called "Bible Belt State." The hypocrisy about the "community's" attitude towards this type of business really p!sses me off. On one hand, you have self-righteous people trying to close this type of business down. On the other hand, you have a large segment of the populace as customers who visit OFTEN!!

Then you have The Greensboro City Council, who have been trying to severely restrict and/or close down this type of business and others like it for almost 6 years now. Even they had to acknowledge in Feb. 2004 that there weren't enough places to put these businesses if you try to zone them out of existence. They had to add more places to put them. Don't Eradicate, Legislate!! As long as nobody's breaking any rules, regulations, and/or laws, LEAVE THEM THE F#CK ALONE!! I guess it's alright to kill people at will, but shaking your ass in a strip club or looking @ a porn flick is EVIL & IMMORAL?!


Just make sure that they're not breaking any of the present laws on the books. I mean, the massage parlors were one thing. They were fronts for Human Trafficking and "sex slaves." They needed to be shut down, even though it 20 years.

But what do you think would happen if you just shut down ALL of the strip clubs in the city? You would have unlicensed liquor (always frowned upon in NC), gambling, another so-called "evil" (but slavery in NC was OK? By the way BINGO is gambling, just in case any church people are reading this), and underage dancing as well as prostitution, the very thing people say they don't want.

As far as adult bookstores go, as long as they get rid of their backroom video booths, or "peep shows," they're still under the old law and can operate freely (We'll see how this goes. The "peep shows" are a HUGE money-maker for adult bookstores.). That's the one thing that I agree with. I used to work at an adult bookstore years ago, and the "peep shows" were, how shall I say it, FILTHY!! (To say that they were filthy is like saying that Michael Jackson is only "a little fond of" small boys.) I HATED having to clean those things! If I wanted to see that much DNA from total strangers I would have worked at a sperm bank!

Well, like I said: Don't Eradicate, Legislate!! I'm all for responsible adult entertainment and I don't think that some prude should tell me what I can watch or spend my money on. And when I mean "responsible," I don't mean kiddie porn, beastialiy, or any porn that degrades women, though some people feel that ALL porn degrades women (I don't.). That's the main reason I don't look at alot of gonzo porn now adays. Too many "extreme" sex acts going on and , "B!tch this and that."

Keep it legal and keep in entertaining!

End of rant, for now...

Welcome to "My House"...

Whatzup, y'all. I'm Ken B. and this is my lil' blog. It will soon be full of my opinions, rants, views, and observations on what I see in the world. Come on in and enter "my house," if you dare...