Wednesday, October 26, 2005

NBA Dress Code RACIST?

Personally, I think it is.

The "Head Honchos" in The NBA want to rein in the younger, Black players to dress more "business-like." I can see what they're trying to do, but it really "rubs me the wrong way" when people try to DICTATE what they can wear and what they can say or how they act.

Bling-bling, baby!!

Here's a link to the story:

With the money that the players make, why do people care anyway?

Besides, it was targeted at people like "Allen I" anyway...

Ain't that right, bruh?

I guess it's time for that suit and tie...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dallas SUCKS!!

Let me ask y'all another question:

How do The Dallas Cowboys lose to that Weak-ass Hasselback and The Seattle Seahawks?!

I'm not even a Cowboy fan, but DAMN!!!

And Vinne...

You need to RETIRE!!

You were "The Man" back in the day, but after your "performance" in the last game?

Hang it up, bud...

The Green Bay Packers SUCK!!

I have a question:

How does Green Bay allow The Vikings to come back and win the game when they had them 17 - 0 at Half-time?!

Damnit, Brett!!!

You guys just might as well GIVE IT UP for the rest of the season!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Life's like an ice cream cone in the summer...

...It can get messy at times, but it taste just as GOOD!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

A&T Homecoming 2005...


A&T lost ANOTHER Homecoming Game!


If you're going to lost any game, DON'T LOSE YOUR HOMECOMING GAME! This is why I haven't been to a Homecoming Game in years. Add to the fact that the ticket prices were OUTRAGEOUS and the second-highest in the division that A&T plays in and you have the first A&T Homecoming Game that doesn't sell out (It was 4,000 tickets short of selling out.).

Even though I had to work, I still had a good time w/ all of the festivities going on around town, though I have to say that I liked the old setup better where everyone was scattered around the outskirts of Aggie Stadium selling food and whatnot. It wasn't the same like the "ol' days," but very few things are.

Downtown was PACKED! The cops actually had to shut down most of the side streets downtown because there was so much traffic in cars and people. No shootouts (Some ignorant people ALWAY say that Black folk can't go anywhere w/o shooting something.) or any other violent acts occured, though they don't normally do during A&T Homecoming. It was nothing but love as always, except for the loss to Delaware State.

Black Folks vs. KKK...

This is only one reason why there will NEVER be a "race war" in America:

Don't get it twisted, there won't be a "race war" like all those Nazis and KKKers want, at least the outcome won't be what they think.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Almost Packers, almost...

Almost, bud...

Hey, I give Brett Favre much credit for his stunning comeback, but it fell short. The lose to The Carolina Panthers (Go Panthers!) 32 - 29.

I take back the "retirement" statement I made about Brett. He still has it and if it weren't for the guy who dropped the pass after the 4th down, he may have actually won it. Now they have to fight off the depression that comes with a 0 - 4 record going into next week.

But The Green Bay Packers are still done for the season, IMHO...

Is William Bennett on CRACK?

A true azzh*le...

This fool, this jackass, this motherf*cker actually said this:

"But I do know that it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could, if that were your sole purpose, you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down."

That's an ACTUAL quote!

And here are the links to prove it:




I never liked this gamblin' junkie addict anyway, this so-called former drug czar (And you wonder why drugs are so available now!) but now I truly LOATHE him. The conservatives are really getting bold with their racism with Dubya in the White House.

All I have to say to Billy Bennett are two words:

"F*CK" and "YOU"...

Roy Jones is DONE!

Hey Roy, you were great in your day (even though you were a bit arrogant), but it's time ta GO!

You didn't even TRY to fight! You just wanted a nice payday and NOT to get knocked out for your final bout.

He remembers what Tarver did to him the last time...

All of the dancing, all of the rapping, all of the clowning around, and THIS is how we are going to remember you. You shoud have done better, bruh.

Damn, G...

Green Bay is DONE!!

The way The Packers are playing, unless a miracle comes to tap them on their shoulder, they're DONE! They're playing like a bunch of rank amateurs, with all of those penalties and such.

And to Brett Favre: You had a great career and you will definitely go into the "Hall of Fame," but it's time to go. Retire while you still have some dignity, bud.

It's Half-Time and it's already 23 - 7, with The Panthers (Go Carolina!) and I don't see them coming back and doin' a "Washington Redskins Comeback" (see Cowboys and Indians a few weeks ago) anytime soon.

See ya, fellas...