Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another Question...

Why is The Greensboro City Council trying to shut down all of the legit adult businesses in the city, but won't do any about the illegal whorehouses and that enslave immigrants?


Why don't y'all write to them and ask, "WHY?"

A question...

Does anyone REALLY care if Britney Spears and Kevin Federline break up?

Does anyone REALLY care that Brad Pitt is doing Angelina Jolie?

Does anyone REALLY care if Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey get back together?

Does anyone REALLY care if Anna Nicole Smith is preggers?

Does anyone REALLY care if Madonna is trying to get attention to her career again?

I don't.

I mean, I REALLY, REALLY don't give a damn.

To the Rappers: STOP HATIN' ON OPRAH!!

Can someone explain to me why 50 Cent & Ice Cube are hatin' on Oprah?

50 Cent is mad at O because she doesn't put "Hip-Hop Artists" (I remember when they were RAPPERS!) on her show. (I guess he forgot that Kanye West, LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, and Sean Combs (Diddy) were on her show.)


Let me ask a question:

If you were a woman (regarless of ethnicity) and you had some musicians refer to women as "bitches" and "hoes" in their music, would YOU have them on your talk show?

That's like me having Klansmen on MY TV show!


50 is always trying to start some sh*t with somebody. He even said that, "I'm actually better off having friction with her."

That's an actual quote.

He also said that her main audience were mainly "older White women," which is true BUT... HIS main audience are the children of those self same older, White women!

Over 80% of Hip-Hop is bought by YOUNG WHITE KIDS!

So is 50 Cent "less Black" as he accused Oprah of being, beause HIS main audience is WHITE?

Then there's Ice Cube, the "Surpreme Hater" himself.

This is the guy that talked so much junk about MC Hammer when he was on top, that he mades songs and videos about him. Now he's hatin' on Oprah, too.

Hey dude, maybe she just didn't like the projects you were invoved in! And you have called women "bitch" and "ho" in your music plenty of times as well.

Now Ludacris is a different matter.

He was on the show (I guess Fiddy forgot about that, too.), but felt O "ambushed" him.
If that was the case, then O was wrong for that, HOWEVER...

As much as I like Luda's music, when you rap about all of the "hoes" in all "Area codes," you should have expected she would say something about that.

I gotta be honest, though.

When Oprah said that she had 50 Cent and Jay-Z on her IPod, I thought that she was just saying that because of the controversy.

You know what's REALLY funny, as in "ironic?"

Alot of rappers talk about being the "Ghetto" Bill Gates (Who probably doesn't know or care what a "ghetto" is.) and admiring Donald Trump (Who I KNOW doesn't give a damn about Black folks and the "ghetto.") who could care less about Hip-Hop (The only reason "The Donald" was on Method Man's CD awhile back was because is daugther Ivanka asked him to.), but hate on a sista like Oprah (Who has more money than ANY rapper will EVER make.).

That's f*cked up!!

You go, Oprah!!


Damn, almost a MONTH!!

Maaaaaan, I didn't realized that it has been almost a month since I've updated the blog.

Sorry about that. I've been busy as Hell and getting thing situated around here. I'm trying to finish up my first drafts to two screenplays I'm working on so I can put them on Inktip's website when they're done.

ALOT of crazy things have been happening around the city as well.

Where's Ben Holder when ya need him! LOL!

My show, MY OPINION.. by: Ken B. is still on the air after 5 years, but will undergo a slight change starting in July '06. It has always been a hour long since it's debut in March '01, but GCTV has decided to stop having hour-long shows (Mine was one of the ONLY ones that was that long.) and go with a half-hour format only.

That's gonna hurt them in the long run.

As for the blog, I'll be more attentive in the future after I get everything around me to be alittle less hectic.

Stay tuned...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hey! Foxy wakes up & smells the coffee!!

It's about time he woke the Hell up.

This idiot was about to legitimize all of the Mexican drug dealers and their "businesses."

I guess someone finally told this idiot that it would be a VERY BAD IDEA to have legal narcotics just across the border.

Talk about partying in Tijuana!!

Read the story below or click here for the original link.


Mexican President Backs Off Drug Bill

BY MARK STEVENSON, Associated Press Writer Thu May 4, 4:46 AM ET

MEXICO CITY - Mexican President Vicente Fox backed off signing a drug decriminalization bill that the United States warned could result in "drug tourism" and increased availability of narcotics in American border communities.

Fox reversed course Wednesday and said he was sending the bill back to Congress for changes, just one day after his office had said he would sign it into law. The measure would have dropped criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other drugs.

Fox's statement said he will ask for corrections "to make it absolutely clear in our country, the possession of drugs and their consumption are, and will continue to be, a criminal offense."
San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders applauded Fox's decision. On Friday, Sanders said he was "appalled" by the bill, saying it could increase drug availability north of the border.

"I'm glad that he's listened to the many voices opposing the bill and made changes that will make good enforcement and not legalize drugs," Sanders said. "We have been a partner with Mexico in fighting against illegal drugs, and this will only help in the long-term in that relationship."

San Diego sits a short drive from the border town of Tijuana.

Earlier Wednesday, U.S. Embassy spokeswoman Judith Bryan said U.S. officials had "urged Mexican representatives to review the legislation urgently to avoid the perception that drug use would be tolerated in Mexico, and to prevent drug tourism." That was apparently a reference to concern that the measure could increase drug use by border visitors and U.S. students who flock to Mexico on vacation.

Bryan said the U.S. government wants Mexico "to ensure that all persons found in possession of any quantity of illegal drugs be prosecuted or be sent into mandatory drug treatment programs."

Fox's statement did not mention the U.S. criticism, but did acknowledge that the bill had been controversial.

"With sensitivity toward the opinions expressed by various sectors of society, the administration has decided to suggest changes to the content of the bill," the statement said.
On Tuesday, Fox's spokesman had called the bill "an advance" and pledged the president would sign it.

Mexico's Congress has adjourned for the summer, and when it comes back, it will have an entirely new lower house and one-third new Senate members following the July 2 elections, which will also make Fox a lame duck.

However, Sen. Jorge Zermeno, of Fox's conservative National Action Party — a supporter of the bill — said he thought Congress would be open to changing the legislation to delete a clause that extends to all "consumers" the exemption from prosecution that was originally meant to cover only recognized drug addicts.

"The word 'consumer' can be eliminated so that the only exemption clause would be for drug addicts," Zermeno told The Associated Press. "There's still time to get this through."
The bill contained many points that experts said were positive. It empowered state and local police — not just federal officers — to go after drug dealers, stiffened some penalties and closed loopholes that dealers had long used to escape prosecution.

But Mexico's top police official, Eduardo Medina Mora said legislators had changed Fox's original proposal by inserting a controversial table laying out maximum amounts of drugs considered for "personal use."

Current Mexican law allows judges latitude to drop charges if suspects can prove they are addicts and the quantity they were caught with is small enough to be considered "for personal use," or if they are first-time offenders.

The new bill would have made the decriminalization automatic, allowed "consumers" as well as addicts to have drugs, and delineated specific allowable quantities, which do not appear in the current law.

Under the law, consumers could have legally possessed up to 25 milligrams of heroin, 5 grams of marijuana (about one-fifth of an ounce, or about four joints), or 0.5 grams of cocaine — the equivalent of about four "lines."


When will they learn?

Mexico is about to LEGALIZE ALL NARCOTICS...

No, that wasn't a misprint. President Vicente Fox is about to sign a law making every Mexican Drug Cartel virtually "legit."


This should be interesting.

The original link to the story is below as well. Read on...

Original Story Link:,0,5634216.story?coll=la-home-headlines


Mexico to Allow Use of Drugs

Fox will sign the bill, one of the world's most permissive policies, in a bid to curb trafficking. U.S. officials say it will lead to more addiction

By Sam Enriquez, Times Staff Writer, May 3, 2006

MEXICO CITY — Mexican President Vicente Fox will sign a bill that would legalize the use of nearly every drug and narcotic sold by the same Mexican cartels he's vowed to fight during his five years in office, a spokesman said Tuesday. The list of illegal drugs approved for personal consumption by Mexico's Congress last week is enough to make one dizzy — or worse.

Cocaine. Heroin. LSD. Marijuana. PCP. Opium. Synthetic opiates. Mescaline. Peyote. Psilocybin mushrooms. Amphetamines. Methamphetamines.

And the per-person amounts approved for possession by anyone 18 or older could easily turn any college party into an all-nighter: half a gram of coke, a couple of Ecstasy pills, several doses of LSD, a few marijuana joints, a spoonful of heroin, 5 grams of opium and more than 2 pounds of peyote, the hallucinogenic cactus. The law would be among the most permissive in the world, putting Mexico in the company of the Netherlands. Critics, including U.S. drug policy officials, already are worrying that it will spur a domestic addiction problem and make Mexico a narco-tourism destination. Even the Netherlands, famous for coffeehouses that sell small quantities of potent marijuana and hashish, forbids the possession and sale of narcotics. Colombia allows personal use of marijuana, cocaine and heroin, but not LSD or PCP.

Selling drugs or using them in public still would be a crime in Mexico. Anyone possessing drugs still could be held for questioning by police, and each state could impose fines even on the permitted quantities, the bill stipulates. But it includes no imprisonment penalties.Lawmakers who voted for decriminalization, some of whom have expressed surprise over the details of the bill, said it would for the first time empower local police to make drug arrests and allow law enforcement in general to focus on intercepting large drug shipments and major traffickers.

The bill also would stiffen penalties for selling drugs near schools and authorize state and local police to detain users to check whether amounts were over the legal limit. "The law constitutes an important step forward by the Mexican state in its battle against drug dealing," said Eduardo Medina Mora, secretary of public security and Mexico's top law enforcement officer. Presidential spokesman Ruben Aguilar said Tuesday that Fox would sign the measure, calling it an important tool in the fight against drug trafficking. Fox has avoided public comments on the bill and did not attend a news conference about it Tuesday. Since the vote by Congress last week, lawmakers have said they are unsure who amended the bill, originally aimed at legalizing possession of small quantities of drugs among addicts, to make it apply to all "consumers."

The Bush administration is refraining from public criticism of Mexico.

But in private meetings Monday with Mexican officials in Washington, U.S. officials tried to discourage passage of the law, U.S. Embassy officials here said. "Any country that embarks on policies that encourage drug use will get more drug use and more drug addiction," said Tom Riley, a spokesman for the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. "Many countries, including the U.S. and Mexico, see the drug problem as a trafficking problem," he said. "But the real problem isn't trafficking, it's drug use. The costs of drug addiction are staggering."

Mexico has for years blamed Americans for fueling the multibillion-dollar illegal drug trade with their $10, $50 and $100 drug purchases. One cartoon here showed Uncle Sam kneeling over a map of the United States and Mexico, snorting a giant line of cocaine piled along the border. News of the pending Mexican law spread quickly over the Internet, reaching the website of High Times, a glossy monthly magazine that features photo spreads of marijuana from around the world. "I know I'll be booking my trip as soon as I hear the OK!" wrote "Beefy" to general agreement among his cyber peers. Drug use by Mexicans grew as smugglers began receiving payments in drugs rather than cash from Colombian suppliers, experts say. The drug surplus triggered more local sales and use."There's been a big increase in addiction in recent years," said Mago Marchina of Clinica Nuevo Ser, a Tijuana drug treatment center. Reliable figures on how many Mexicans are addicted to drugs are hard to come by, but Mexico's National Council Against Addictions has said that more than half of addicts use cocaine, and a third report hard-core marijuana use.

A growing war among rival drug gangs in Mexico — primarily the so-called Gulf and Sinaloa cartels — has ushered in a new era of brutality, with torture routine and bodies burned and dismembered. More than 1,000 people have been killed in the last 18 months in fighting over smuggling routes to the United States, mostly in border cities, Acapulco and the capital. Automatic weapons and explosives are common tools; police and journalists are increasingly frequent targets. Fox, whose term ends in December and who is barred by law from seeking reelection, has been considered a strong ally of the U.S. anti-drug effort. He has said the current drug war was triggered when he began arresting top leaders, including Osiel Cardenas, who allegedly runs the Gulf cartel from prison. In the last year, Fox has called in the army to patrol the border city of Nuevo Laredo when it became clear that local police were in league with traffickers. And he has promised to extradite drug smugglers facing trial in the U.S.Consequently, many U.S. officials, and Mexicans, are scratching their heads over the new law. Mexican Sen. Jorge Zermeno, a member of Fox's National Action Party, spoke twice in support of decriminalization before the Senate's 53-26 vote Friday shortly after midnight. He said the legislation, which Fox first proposed in 2004, was intended to allow drug possession for bona fide addicts, who would be sent to drug treatment instead of jail. But the word "consumer" was attached to the bill and won approval, broadening it to include all adults, he said.*

Cecilia Sanchez and Carlos Martinez in The Times' Mexico City Bureau contributed to this report.


And you guys were worried about illegal immigrants...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


And noooo, I don't mean John Hammer of The Rhino Times.

I found that MC Hammer has his own blog out.

Here's what he had to say about Hip Hop today.

Read on...


The link to where I first found this is here.

The original link on his own site archives is here.

Maturation of Hip Hop
by MC Hammer

My professional Hip Hop journey began in 1986. This was the height of the crack era when every inner city (hood) in America was on fire with the game and death and prosperity were close first cousins. Hip Hop was the soundtrack that played as the game rolled along. In the town (Oakland) it was if the hood had struck oil. New cars, fancy clothes, fresh drippin' jeri curls and all the sex you wanted was a twenty four hour reality. Money came in stacks and any problems were dealt with quickly and with finality. We took our cues from Tony Montana (Scarface) and the mob, if you crossed the homies you paid with your life.

Rap music spoke to all facets of this life. The fast tempo party music (MC Hammer), the player pimp style of Too Short and the political awareness and pride and consciousness of Chuck D and Public Enemy. There were very few magazines that could cover, report or depict the world that was emerging and unfolding right before the world's bloodshot eyes. The square journalist would build up any artist who brought his homies and a gun to an interview as a certified gangsta. No kills and no moving weight necessary. They (journalists) were just glad to not get beat down and smashed on.

The unhealthy fear of these square journalists would later lead to the deaths of two of rap's greatest artists as they would be the victims of a war of two coasts that only existed in the stories of these cowardly exploitive scribes. There was only a beef among a small group of men. Last time I checked the East Coast was made up of at least thirteen colonies and the West Coast stretched along the beaches of the Pacific Ocean from Washington to Mexico. Until this day these cowardly scribes have never come clean and accepted their collective responsibilities. They still glorify any artist who says, "I was shot" or, "I just got out." Keep in mind that in the streets the one who did the shooting was the gansta. Only in the world of the diconnected and fearful could the victims become the heroes. They write from the standpoint of survival in their minds. They are not alone as their stories are repeated, hyped and sensationalized by radio squares who couldn't point their way to the hood but sound on the air like some of the downest cats ever. Now this acting and attitude has spilled over to Hip Hop chat rooms and forums. These "instant message killers" and "text bangers" all sound and talk so tough in these forums. Stop it man and be yourself. Grow up. Render your opinions without the drama.
But I digress.

Back to the Eighties.

The energy was electric. The last time there was a movement like this was the Studio 54 parties in the mid-Seventies disco era. Just like that era, in this new era of Hip Hop music, drugs, sex and hustling played a vital part in the rise and influence of the genre. Music lives in clubs and on the radio. Radio programmers and DJs love all the vices that come with the music game. Drugs, power, influence and sex. Back then the exception to the rule was a record that was so hot that it worked for everybody. The DJs played it in the club because the dancefloors would be packed. The radio station programmers played it because the phone lines would light up. It was a win win across the board.

Today is strictly pay to play. Music and the underworld have always co-existed. Frank Sinatra and the mob. Bugsy Siegel and Las Vegas. Why is there a sudden infatuation and interest by the powers that be to tie Rap artists to the drug game? Guilt by association? Rap artists and drug dealers come from the same community, live in the same neighborhood and stay on the same block. If we are to allow the maturation of Hip Hop we must face the reality of the musicians who produce the music. Ninety-nine percent of rappers come from drug infested communities.

Is this news?

Instead of trying to lock up Hip Hop, allow us to continue to create hope and legal economic opportunities in these same crime and drug infested communities. Yes, we know drug dealers and killers. We grew up together. There is only one hood. Yes we take calls, put money on books and go out and eat with felons and convicts. It would be impossible for us not to. Three out of five African American men have been arrested or served time. You know that. They are our people. We will not disown them. Let my Hip Hop business model encourage them to do the right thing. Let my Hip Hop business model, success and wealth allow me to invest in the community and bring hope to the next generation. I want to provide resources that help develop the next Kevin Lyle (President Warner Music), the next, Steve Stoute (dealmaker and broker), the next Sean Combs (artist, business man) and the next John Singleton and MC Hammer.

Allow the maturation of Hip Hop so we can see and witness more acts of wisdom like the union of Nas and Jay Z. Not all Hip Hop journalists and radio DJs write and talk out of fear. Some are real and they speak and write from truth and from their hearts. It's this group that can help with the maturation of Hip Hop. Present Hip Hop as a complete and whole community. We are fathers, uncles, teachers, ministers, engineers, directors, and yes squares and geeks. Everybody who consumes this music ain't killers. It is a fact that the majority of this music is bought by mainstream America.

Anyone can funk and go to war, we all got soldiers but it takes real men to make peace. Peace may not sell these squares' magazines but it can save a community and bring prosperity to our people.


To all of the people who hate on Hammer even though he's the MAIN REASON HIP HOP IS NOW MAINSTREAM...


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rush gets off easy...

I hate this guy. I really do.

Looks like Rush Limbaugh gets the proverbial "slap on the wrists." Too bad the same people he talked junk about "their" drug problems didn't get off so easy.

You're still an addict, jackass!

Get some help and be more UNDERSTANDING!!

Secret Recording, Secret Police, Racism, & City Government...

You know what?

I really don't know what to say.

With all of the crap happening recently, I decided to let some other local bloggers say something about what's going on recently in Greensboro.

Bloggers like Chewie of The Chewie World Order, Jerry McClough of ThatsWhatzup, and Good Ol' Ben Holder at The Troublemaker who's a virtual treasure trove of accurate info.

If I say anything, I might get pissed and start f*ckin' cursing or something...

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire?

The Greensboro City Council voted a little while back to take lie detector tests to see who is the leak in "The Wray Affair."

My question is this: Why can't the citizens of this city see the damn report?

We paid for it (With our tax dollars.) and we deserve to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us GOD!

To whoever did leak the info I'd like to say, "Thank you for letting us know some of the facts in this situation."

This is gonna get good...

Immigrant Backlash?

Well, it's after the "Day Without Immigrants" and what has changed?

As the old saying goes, "The more things change, the more they stay the same."

One thing is certain: ALOT of working-class White folks are PISSED!

There are also rumblings of Racist Mexican groups getting into the mix as well.

There wasn't any problems in Greensboro at the rally Downtown but in other places, such as LA, Denver, CO, & Chi-Town, were really the centers of attention in this situation.

Alot of these has to do with border security, the sluggish economy, and plain ol' racism.

People are burning The Mexican Flag and calling for a wall, like in Old Berlin, Germany.

I see troubled waters ahead for this issue.

I do have one question though:

Why isn't Mexican President Vicente Fox weighing in on this issue?

FOX: The "Official" Mouthpiece of Dubya Bush...

Well, it's official.

The Fox News Network is the "Official" Mouthpiece of the present administration. The White House just hired Tony Snow as its Press Secretary. Anything the Administration says will come out of Tony's mouth.

So what's the change?

Is anyone REALLY surprised...